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MetaMask and Keystone for cryptocurrency security

Following the formalization of the MetaMask Extension integration with the Keystone company, MetaMask Mobile offers a new opportunity to users with the hardware wallet. Their users can manage and protect their cryptocurrency by continuing their Web3 experience in a safe and convenient way. The signing of transactions is done not only on Ethereum but also on other EVM-compatible platforms. Using Keystone would be more advantageous. It is important to know how to connect a MetaMask wallet and a Keystone hardware. Another great Web3 experience for transactions.

MetaMask Mobile announces the official launch of the Keystone hardware wallet

The use of hardware wallets called ” cold wallet “offers more security compared to software wallets or ” hot wallet ». Indeed, the storage of private keys is done offline on a physical medium. They are never exposed to the Internet, hence the idea of a wallet” cold ». This factor motivated MetaMask to launch this hardware wallet with Keystone. The latter has a transparent QR code and a design that prioritizes security. The signaling of this 100% secure QR code eliminates the possible risks of malware infiltration. At the same time, it offers data transmission with a high level of transparency.

The advantages offered by a hardware wallet

The inherent nature of QR codes is explained by the absence of a physical connection. As a result, all transactions are concluded transparently without exposing the Keystone hardware wallet on the Internet. The latter remains permanently isolated from any possibly compromised device. The secret recovery phase is done in complete safety.

With Keystone, signing transactions is faster. Thanks to the simplicity and fluidity of the generation and scanning of QR codes. A QR code checker available in order to verify the data transferred by them. All updates to the embedded software are open-source for transparency. Using Keystone with MetaMask Mobile is quite simple for decentralized applications (dApps) by following the tutorial.

MetaMask sets up a new standard

The MetaMask and Keystone team drafted the new standard EIP-4527. A standard is made available to software and hardware wallets for the integration of data transmission via the QR code. Developers already using dApps can help their users with a blind signature. They share their applications with Keystone’s smart contract metadata registry. All transactions that involve an authentic smart contract will be identified on a touch screen. In this way, users have the authenticity of the smart contract.

MetaMask protects its community by educating them about possible phishing attempts and scams. However, the main person responsible in the world of Web3 is indeed the user. MetaMask and Keystone’s hardware wallet is the best way to protect assets. Crypto assets will have improved security.


Keystone is a practice that makes it possible to strengthen the security of its cryptocurrencies. The MetaMask Mobile integration allows the community to stay safe while making transactions comfortably. The cryptocurrency community strongly recommends purchasing the hardware wallets directly from the manufacturer.

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