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What records for the crypto Avalanche!

Avalanche crosses a new milestone and explodes the records. Indeed, the daily consumption of gasoline (ATH) has reached a new milestone on the blockchain; and currently, nothing seems to be able to stop it. Is this the beginning of a new era for crypto?

avalanche ath

Avalanche, forward to new horizons

The crypto ecosystem surprises a little more every day and nothing seems to be able to prevent its development. In any case, it is not Avalanche who will say the opposite. The year started off rather poorly for digital assets. However, blockchains are pulling themselves together and getting back in the saddle. Indeed, the numbers on Avalanche are staggering.

According to the data, the daily gas consumption (ATH) has reached record during the month of August. This can also be considered a high level of activity on the platform. What is this influx due to, certainly to updates and announcements related to the development of Avax.

If the second quarter was not favorable for him, the third quarter promises to be quite glorious. Currently, Avalanche holds the greatest financial value, for TVL of course, on a network per unit of energy used. Indeed, in terms of sustainability, the network ranks as the best blockchain ahead of Bitcoin.

The métric of transactions on Avalanche reached 1.5 million on the chart on 9 août. As a result, the blockchain has recorded a record for a very long timeés. However, if the’ATH has experienced a sharp rise récently, this’is partly due to GameFiés development. 
Avalanche ATH

The great contribution of GameFi developments

The Avalanche trading metric reached 1.5 million on the chart on August 9. Because of this, the blockchain has recorded a record for a very long time. However, if the ATH has seen a sharp rise recently, it is partly due to the GameFi development.

Indeed, the second quarter of 2022 was not favorable for AVAX since it moved the development of games to subnets. However, everything seems to be returning to normal since the blockchain launched two new games on the main network.

Among others, Technique and Adventure Games. According to a recent update, GameFi has gained a huge social volume on Google Trend. All this would therefore, in a way, be behind the increase in ATH on Avalanche. In a cause-and-effect relationship, the evolution of DeFi games could perhaps lead to a massive adoption of the platform.

Avalanche is gradually recovering from the downtrend. Indeed, despite the impressive activities, the token, on the other hand, is not in good shape. Last week it was still trading at $27.42 and currently it is hovering around $22.66. As a result, despite an increase of 0.50% in the last 24 hours, the token is struggling to find its resistance.

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