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One step closer to anonymity with Nym?

Telegram is considered one of the safest and most privacy-friendly messaging applications. Unlike alternative solutions such as WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger, the platform peer-to-peer offers almost endless possibilities in terms of anonymization of exchanges. This is an important question for cryptocurrency enthusiasts and more generally for cryptoanarchists.

Telegram Nym

That being said, in terms of privacy, it is always possible to push the boundaries. In this logic, the Nym infrastructure project brings an extra layer of guarantee to strengthen the protection of personal data on Telegram.

NymConnect supports Telegram

NymConnect, a protocol that relies on the Nym decentralized network to improve application privacy, now supports Telegram. In reality, the goal is to preserve the privacy of the users of the application by making traffic patterns inaccessible to anyone.

To do this, NymConnect runs the software to be anonymized on the Nym mixed network. Subsequently, the mixnet hides the IP address and other identifying data inside the network frames. In this way, no one is able to determine the applications that we use daily on the Internet.

New integrations in perspective

For now, NymConnect only supports desktop versions of Telegram. Previously, the protocol ensured compatibility between the Electrum wallet and the Keybase file sharing system. In addition, the platform is expected to integrate new applications in the coming months.

It should be noted, however, that NymConnect is a program in the testing phase. Therefore, it is not necessary, for the moment, to rely on it to obtain a high degree of anonymity.

Anonymity is a powerful tool for privacy protection and security. In the cryptosphere, this is a very popular property that appeals to both investors and developers. That said, it may be that this interest will strengthen over time, as governments try to censor transactions as part of the fight against money laundering and terrorist financing.

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