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NFT: Soft toys finance a French animated film

« PLUSH “ : the first French animated film financed thanks to NFTs. This project is supported by two French studios, Rooftop Production and Karlab and the Illuminart company created for the occasion. An entirely French production that proves the democratization of NFTs to a much wider audience. But how does it work? Simply by buying a digital teddy bear! Mid-May, on the dedicated website at the collection of 50,000 teddies, you can buy one of these NFTs for about 1,250 euros. Announced on social networks by many actors such as Kev Adams or Camille Lellouche, the film will be animated by graphic designers who have already worked on big productions such as The Minions or Me, ugly and mean, among others.

What interest in the production of the film?

With a small trailer already published, and thirteen French actors or singers already on the bill (Gims, Dadju, Kev Adams, Rayane Bensetti, Eric Judor, Gérard Darmon, Audrey Lamy, Camille Lellouche …), the film already enjoys a certain presence in the media and on social networks. The objective is very clear, with 50,000 digital bears, each at 1,250 euros, the investment capital for the companies involved could become very juicy. We are talking about potentially more than sixty-two million euros! A revolutionary way to approach audiovisual productions. A process that, however, already knows a precedent with the French KlapCoin project…

And for the holders of these NFT soft toys?

Web 3.0 is setting foot in the world of cinema… What if you decided to join the movement? What would be your advantage? By buying a teddy bear, you will become a co-producer of this feature film … The purchase will be made blindly, as is often the case with these collections. So you will not know which bear you are buying. You might bump into a movie headliner or a stranger at the battalion. Your digital property would then take on a completely random value. You can of course resell it on the Opensea platform. The interest of this investment is rather that as a co-producer you will have a right of control over the writing of the script and the opportunity to share with the other owners of NFT 80% of the box office profits.

The company believes that “ the average receipts of big animated films are $ 700 million, each buyer of a PLUSH NFT should, at a minimum, see his stake multiplied by three ». An interesting assertion that of course leaves everyone to judge their potential. The obvious interest of this new form of investment is the participatory and collective character. Individuals can now become a co-producer and “shareholder” of a feature film. A real novelty for the seventh art!

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