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A fund for a digital art collection

The Tezos Foundation, a non-profit organization, is part of a Swiss branch of the Tezos blockchain. She announced that she had committed 1 million pounds sterling, this represents $ 1.23 million in order to collect non-fungible tokens or NFTs created by African and Asian artists. This collection will integrate a digital art gallery. This will be carried out on the Foundation’s platform and hosted on its website. Its launch will take place this summer. The curator of this permanent art collection is the British photographer Misan Harriman.

Tezos Blockchain
Involvement of the Tezos Foundation in the collection of NFTs for Asian and African artists

Tezos wants to support a new generation of artists

The Tezos Foundation fund, consisting of $ 1.23 million, will be used to collect NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, from emerging artists from Africa and Asia. Their works will be brought together in the form of a digital art gallery, hosted on the Foundation’s website. Misan Harriman, renowned photographer and pioneers of the manufacture and collection of NFTs, will be responsible for their conservation. His role also consists in acquiring the works of emerging artists from Africa and Asia. These regions are less represented in the NFT community.

Following his statements, Harriman wants to make sure that the world can discover the different voices that make extraordinary works. The so-called permanent collection of the Tezos Foundation will celebrate and support a new generation of artists. The peculiarity of the latter is their choice, based on the use of smart contracts. This will become their true identity.

Breaking down barriers in the art world with Tezos

There Foundation implemented ways to attract the art world to its platform. Last year she collaborated with Mario Klingemann, a German digital artist, during the edition of Art Basel based in Miami Beach. At the Art Basel shows in Hong Kong this summer, he will again be the official blockchain partner. However, the NFT collection is launching while NFT detractors are concerned about the volatility of cryptocurrencies.

On the other hand, the followers of blockchain technology persist in the fact that NFTs will break down the barriers that have existed in the art world for a long time. According to the Tezos Foundation, the obstacles that may remain cannot prevent the increasing use of NFTs. Indeed, the creators of NFTs from some African and Asian countries are experiencing difficulties. Their governments have imposed restrictive laws on cryptocurrency trading. Lately, the NFT art movement has managed to break down some barriers. However, obstacles remain to be overcome, such as problems related to regulation and use.


According to the co-founder and architect of the first hour of Tezos, Arthur Breitman, the NFT collection helps to raise awareness among Web3 artists. Collaborating with Misan Harriman’s expertise and talent has allowed the Foundation to create a tailor-made destination to elevate digital artists. The latter are the ones who turn to Tezos. This is in order to find a sustainable way to share their work with the world. In addition, these artists can create, minter and freely sell NFTs.

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