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Netflix series announces NFT scavenger hunt for its viewers

The Netflix animated series “ Love, Death + Robots ” announced an NFT scavenger hunt for its US subscribers. Although it is not the first to set up this type of event, it demonstrates a real step forward in the DeFi ecosystem. All this thanks to blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. The creators have come up with nine QR codes that allow fans to minter non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

December 11, 2019. In this photo illustration the Netflix logo is seen displayed on a smartphone
Official announcement of the NFT treasure hunt

Netflix enters the DeFi space

Series « Love, Death + Robots ” announced in a different way the interaction with their audience. They have introduced NFTs that can be entered by viewers. The nine QR codes that help create NFTs are integrated on various platforms. This includes the show’s official social media account as well as the episodes. The feature remains accessible only to US users via a MetaMask wallet or an account Coinbase.

This is an interesting proposal for the development of the Netflix platform while the whole world is currently switching to Web3. The experience of ” Love, Death + Robot “represents the latest example of the film industry diving into the field of cryptocurrencies to change formats.

What can users do to gain access to NFTs?

Viewers can use their phones to scan the QR code to access an NFT that will appear on their OpenSea accounts. Users will, however, have to pay the gas costs for minter the NFTs they get by scanning the QR code. According to the account OpenSea from the issue, the floor price of NFTs is currently around 0.003 ETH or 6 USD. Since the show’s release on Netflix, there has been $36,000 in transaction volume with just under 27,000 unique NFT owners.

Due to such a massive participation, the goal seems to be to finally switch to a form of decentralized media. It will allow viewers to create in collaboration with Netflix. This privilege remains reserved for NFT owners.


A solution that should appeal to all lovers of cryptocurrencies, and more generally, the Web3. The treasure hunt of a new kind, or simply the ” NFT hunt “, represents yet another guarantee of the integration of new technologies into our daily lives. These new innovations are integrating our environments via various sectors, including that of cinema and entertainment from today. Netflix users can expect new and better innovations in this ecosystem in the future.

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