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Metaverse: A couple’s first wedding in Dubai

The metaverse, often recognized as the future of the Internet, describes itself as an alternative online world. This is where users can create, buy and sell goods and services via a cyber version of themselves. Users can also perform daily tasks and celebrate real life moments and experiences. And that’s exactly what these newlyweds did.

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The metamarriage has been a trending topic on Twitter

First of all, this episode follows many legal problems to register their marriage, Florian Ughetto, a French national living in Dubai, and his fiancée, Liz Nunez, celebrated their wedding in the metaverse on May 19. Because of this, the wedding took place on Decentraland, a browser-based 3D virtual platform. The couple told that the decision to unite in the metaverse came almost three years ago after their wedding in Georgia.

The couple’s wedding outfits were acquired through Opensea, a non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace. Also, 20 of the couple’s closest friends joined the ceremony via the metaverse.

Describing the steps that the couple took to exchange their vows, it was announced that the future husband and wife went to a place in the metaverse for the party after the wedding. After their union, the couple said that they would use their own experience to help others get married in the metaverse.

After getting married virtually, the couple declares that they want to create a ” matrimonial office “ to help others get married in the same way. Many people may have the same problem or just love technology. Many people would like to explore what is new and trendy. That is why a new business plan has emerged. Their company specializes in virtual weddings all over the world. The couple hope to use their metaverse wedding experience as a test. The report estimated the final cost of the ceremony at more than $800.


This new trend has trusted the Web3 and the futuristic plans of the metaverse ecosystem. While the wedding event was one of a kind, we can certainly expect a variety of events to take place in the metaverse in the near future. With the arrival of a unique business plan, we can expect that there is still a lot to explore in the Web3 ecosystem.

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