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Elrond + Revolut: A tsunami of EGLD in perspective?

sat 27 August 2022 ▪ 19:00 ▪

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There is no shortage of innovations at Elrond. Recently, she has partnered with the financial technology and banking specialist Revolut. The purpose of this alliance? Make EGLD tokens accessible to a large number.

Elrond + Revolut : EGLD in the 4 corners of the planetète

EGLD for 20 million Revolut users

Revolut, which currently has more than 20 million users spread over thirty countries, has just listed EGLD on its platform. Action that the CEO of Elrond, Benjamin Mincu, did not fail to appreciate :

« The most innovative and disruptive startups in the field of fintech revolve around cryptos, bringing with them unique talent pools and fully engaged communities. When you add to this a vision that transcends its own product and its sector, you get a ‘game changer’. Elrond is a similar project. That is why we are delighted to be able to offer EGLD to Revolut’s clients and help them realize their vision of an inclusive global financial system. »

To the CEO to add :

« This is a huge step forward in making the EGLD accessible to a wide audience ».

In the near future, Elrond will advance other innovative projects such as the staking and new features, Mincu had pointed out.

This EGLD listing is a perfect match for the financial inclusion policy so advocated by Revolut. Currently valued at $33 billion, this mobile banking company has a European banking license and a CASP license. These allow it to facilitate the purchase, storage and sale of cryptocurrencies by its users residing in the European Economic Area, the United States or the United Kingdom.

If his plan to conquer new markets comes true, Elrond will become even more accessible to investors.

Elrond, a network with 15,000 transactions per second

Can the CEO of Elrond hope for an EGLD price increase after the token has been listed on Revolut? Certainly, yes.

You are not unaware that the EGLD has suffered from a dizzying fall in its price against the background of bear run. If in November 2021, it experienced an ATH of $ 540, yesterday the coin was trading at $ 56.20.

EGLD is also the token that powers Elrond on an internet scale. Users who want to make payments in the Web3, the DeFi and the metaverse do not hesitate to use it.

Since its launch in July 2020, Elrond has claimed the title of the second largest PoS blockchain in the world. Ethereum being the first, if it succeeds in its mid-September Merge. 3,200 validators spread over the 4 corners of the planet contribute to making Elrond more efficient and less energy-intensive.

15,000 is the number of transactions per second (TPS) that can be processed on Elrond, emphasizes Fintech Finance News. While the Bitcoin network can only effect 7 TPS.

Elrond has never stopped innovating. Just for this month of August, for example, it has set up its new decentralized exchange called Jungle DEX. There was also the implementation of its Ad-Astra portal. Now that the EGLD has become more accessible to the general public, Elrond will again and again score points in the crypto universe.

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