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Crypto, the madness of memecoins

They memecoins attract many investors despite the fact that many of them are extremely dangerous investments. The situation is such that it seems that some users have become addicted to these digital assets. However, most people are aware that these cryptocurrencies are intended to be ephemeral. Paradoxically, this is perhaps what makes them so popular!


They memecoins : popular despite their ephemerality!

On July 19, the Orbital Command account was made a Twitter post according to which “ they memecoins are like drugs ». This refers to the fact that we may talk about the risks of loss related to memecoins, people can’t help but invest money in it. You should know that these particular cryptocurrencies (much easier to develop than real cryptocurrencies) are not based on an ecosystem of their own.

They are extremely speculative insofar as they come from an Internet meme, so from an online buzz effect. Their share price is falling as fast as it can explode. They memecoins easily make people talk about them by highlighting the high rewards they could offer. Because of this, they attract investors (especially beginners) much faster than conventional cryptocurrencies.

In this context, crypto specialists do not advise using the memecoins. But, since people will be interested in it anyway, analysts prefer to direct users to the memecoins the least risky.

Speaking of high-risk assets, USTC and LUNC who are both linked to Terra (a network that is currently in great difficulty) are being talked about a lot at the moment. They continue to attract investors despite the fact that they are about to disappear. That said, USTC appears to be the less risky of the two, but its offer is lower than we think. In addition, his potential reward is higher than LUNC’s.

It seems that cryptocurrency users are attracted to all assets, even those that are at high risk. As proof, despite their extreme volatility, the memecoins attract many investors. In addition, USTC and LUNC, which are only a thread away, continue to be talked about!

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