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More job opportunities in the future than the internet?

In an editorial published on Bitcoin Magazine last week, the columnist and computer scientist Peter Conley indicated that like the internet today, the Bitcoin (BTC) network will offer millions of jobs over the next few years around the world. He explains that new areas related to the development of the bitcoin industry (and not the crypto industry as a whole) should be great job providers, which represents a golden opportunity for youth on a global scale.

Bitcoin jobs

A surreal prediction about bitcoin?

In his editorial entitled “We have not started to grasp the first layer of potential jobs in Bitcoin”, Peter Conley compares the development that bitcoin is currently experiencing to that of the internet, in its early days. He clarifies that there are many new types of jobs since the internet became popular and predicts that Bitcoin will experience a similar growth trajectory as new jobs are created.

And to add that in the near future, new jobs will be created around the flagship crypto and could be more important than those of the internet today.

“In 1999, the title of iOS engineer did not exist. If you do a basic search on LinkedIn, you will find more than 33,000 open positions with this title alone. These are open positions, not the number of people already employed in this position. In 2002, Front-end developer jobs didn’t exist. On LinkedIn, you will find more than 47,000 open positions at the time of this writing. The same goes for the AWS engineer position, which didn’t exist in 2004. Today, you have 203,000 job offers”, he wrote to illustrate his prediction.

By the way, progress has already begun, he delighted himself. Indeed, the positions of communications manager of bitcoin mining and Wallet, Lightning infrastructure engineer and operations manager of bitcoin mining did not exist. But today there are dozens, if not hundreds of positions available in these subjects.

Finally, Conley listed several skills that should be useful. This is about teaching Bitcoin, because like the internet, people will need useful educational content to understand the importance of crypto, how to buy it, exchange it, store it and make transactions with it. Other skills in BTC mining, BTC engineering, BTC exchange, electronic wallet, etc. should be in high demand, he concluded.

Several new skills are expected to be required for the further development of the cryptocurrency and bitcoin industry, especially in the coming years. This represents a real job opportunity for young people. Moreover, universities around the world have already begun to integrate training modules on cryptocurrencies into their programs.

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