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Aura Blockchain Consortium – Mercedes-Benz: Live an immersive NFT art experience in “my Benz”

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Mercedes-Benz has just joined the Blokchain Consortium, this unique collaboration concept” by luxury brands for luxury brands ». By becoming the 5th founding member of the consortium, the German brand has acquired a whole host of privileges related to blockchain technology.

Aura Blokchain Consortium welcomes Mercedes-Benz

First, what is the Aura Blockchain Consortium?

It is a consortium created in April 2021 by LVMH, the Prada group and Cartier (Richemont) and joined by OTB Group in October 2021. Thanks to Aura, this collective hopes to meet the common challenges of communicating authenticity, responsible sourcing and sustainability. The choice of a secure digital format will distinguish this concept from the lot.

As a status, the Aura Blockchain Consortium has adopted that of a non-profit association based in Switzerland. Its objective is to promote socially responsible, sustainable and customer-centric business practices. The use of blockchain and related technologies will ensure that the customer will benefit from support throughout the life cycle of luxury products.

The initiators of this initiative have voluntarily opted for a unique global blokchain solution that is open to luxury brands from different sectors. Thus, the consumer will easily find information about the services provided on his platform. And it will also enjoy a high level of transparency and customer experience thanks to this device.

Mercedes-Benz joins the Aura Blockchain Consortium

The automotive giant Mercedez-Benz therefore joins the quartet composed of LVMH, Cartier, OTB and Prada who will promote the Aura Blockchain consortium. This will lead to the provision of state-of-the-art blockchain and NFT technology to the German brand. As a corollary, its customers will be entitled to a high level of experience, and the digital luxury industry will see a clear advance.

The exploration of other strategic dimensions of digital brand development also presents itself as an additional advantage. Indeed, Aura Blockchain Consortium’s technology has the ability to boost the creation of original digital works of art from Mercedes as an NFT. Let’s not forget that digital art has already begun its conquest in an entrepreneurial environment based on the fusion of physical and digital products.

Mercedes-Benz becomes the

Digital art in the car and beyond

The Aura Blockchain Consortium is constantly unlocking new possibilities for its members. A platform of NFT solutions has therefore been set up with a view to more flexibility in adapting to the specific needs of each luxury brand. In the long term, this consortium plans the definitive conquest of the metaverse.

At the same time, he will develop his roadmap technique including various NFT solutions for luxury brands. This will be achieved by the constitution of a digital certificate of authenticity backed by a unique work of art. Then will come the creation of a value from a medium that will not suffer from any plagiarism. Like that of Beeple and the other artists who followed suit.

This prospect has not left Mercedes-Benz Design indifferent as it opens the door to a range of totally innovative products. Isn’t living a digital art experience on board a vehicle another important step for Mercedes-Benz UI/UX?

Already, with the launch of the MBUX Hyperscreen and Zero Layer, Mercerdes has hit hard by combining functionality and ease of use. The graphics powered by the game engines used in VISION EQXX are not left out. This one-piece display of the technological program promises a breathtaking visual experience in use.

But Mercedes-Benz is the type that wants to go further. His project aimed at integrating digital art as a personalized surprise factor speaks volumes about this desire.

Hot reactions

Gorden Wagener, Chief Design Officer of Mercedes-Group AG

« As a desing team, we constantly strive to combine beauty with the extraordinary in all dimensions. That is why we are pushing our ambition of digital luxury with Crypto Art, as a new expression of our style and creativity. We use digital art to create desire in the car and beyond. Integrating it into the user interface/UX is a future opportunity to differentiate the Mercedes-Benz luxury experience by the joy of the unexpected. It offers an exciting potential for our approach to desing in order to exceed customer expectations with extraordinary and surprising elements. »

Bettina Fetzer, vice president of communication and marketing at Mercedes-Benz AG

« At Mercedes-Benz, we are expanding our brand activities to a whole new dimension of digital luxury. With Aura’s state-of-the-art blockchain solution, we are ensuring that Mercedes-Benz once again becomes the standard of the automotive industry. »

Daniela Ott, General Secretary of Aura Blockchain Consortium

« We are delighted to welcome Mercedes-Benz as the fifth founding member, coming from a completely new sector of the luxury industry. This is a concrete step in our global strategy to welcome all sectors of the luxury industry. The Mercedes-Benz name has been at the forefront of its illustrious history. We are certain that the Mercedes-Benz team will make a huge contribution to our association and to the development of a unique cutting-edge technology thanks to the significant opportunities offered by our solutions in relation to our upstream and downstream solutions activities, as well as those related to NFTs. »

Joining the Aura Blockchain Consortium would therefore be the new step taken by the German manufacturer Mercedes-Benz. Stay connected to Cointribune if you don’t want to miss any of its drops and utilities. Because their planning is underway. Otherwise, the idea of integrating the NFT collections into the car and transforming them into a personalized immersive art space is a boon for future holders.

Source : Mercedes-Benz Media Group

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