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The manga universe finally has its representative in Web 3.0: TOKOU!

The crypto-gaming company INGWAZ is developing TOKU (formerly known as Otaku Klub NFT), the very first 3D manga project combining NFT, crypto (P2E) video games, Web 3.0 esports, IRL, animation and mangavers; all dedicated to fans of Japanese geek culture, gamers and collectors. The project is currently in the middle of a fundraising round.


The talented team behind this project: the CEO, techno-entrepreneur Gaël BOKONGO, the CCO specialist in design and animation Christopher RENDU (Europa Corp, Activision Blizzard for Netflix, Ubisoft), the CMO specialist in the video game industry & esports Melissander MONATUS (Activision Blizzard, Capcom, Wargaming), the CTO expert blockchain, decentralized finance and token economy Mohamed FRIHAT (Ethereum, Binance, Polygon and Tezos), the Producer & Talent Manager (Urban One label – TF1 music) Damso, and the COO expert in fintech and financial markets (Credit Suisse, Invyo), Xavier GOMEZ.

How is TOKOU different from other projects Play-to-Earn NFT?

This unique characters, called TOKOU, are therefore the heirs of the best Japanese manga living within a mangavers where all the attributes of famous characters have been mixed and re-assembled to form these exceptional characters.

Any holder of an NFT TOKEN will be able to play with their unique Token in an ecosystem that will offer four P2E games with a common tokenomie, a marketplace and a content creation platform” Build-to-Earn “, with TOKOU FIGHT as the first calling game, currently in development. Then will follow TOKOU RACING, TOKOU GO! and TOKOU QUIZ.

Each game will have a specific function to maintain a tokenomy as attractive for investors as for players making the NFT TOKEN a digital asset. Its value will evolve through playfulness.

With TOKOU FIGHT, players will be able to play several game modes and earn money (Tocoins) thanks to their skills. NFT holders will be able to rent, sell, buy and lend their tokens allowing even non-players to amass winnings passively.

Finally, it should be noted that the NFTs of the TOKOU project offer utilities and perfectly meet the expectations of the community: physical access to many events, concerts and manga conventions, figurines, among others.

Find them on their website, on Discord and Twitter, and win 1 NFT TOKOU!

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