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Sonar Festival at the time of NFTs thanks to the Tezos blockchain (XTZ)

NFTs are expanding their power in several sectors, other than the economy and cryptocurrency. They prove to be important for the artistic sector at the level of promotion digital arts. It insites a lot artists to further explore the power of NFTs. The TEZOS artistic community goes further and even integrates the famous Sonar Festival. What does this bring to the blockchain?


Sonar Festival: the digital arts festival

Sonar is an international festival which brings together all electronic music lovers in Europe. Every year, since 1994, the festival has been held in Barcelona, Spain. Unlike all known music festivals, Sonar values creation via digital arts as well as the art of mixing. It is for this reason that it has become the meeting point for many electronic music stars.

This year, the Sonar Festival celebrates its 26ᵉ edition. The event will take place from 16 to 18 June 2022. The festival takes place in two different locations: the Fira Montjüic and the Fira Gran Via. Indeed, the Sonar Festival is divided into two parts: the Day Sonar and the Night Sonar. Since this event takes place in the city center, it is advisable to anticipate the accommodations.

The Tezos art community exhibits Sonar Matica and collaborates with Sonar +D

The Sonar Festival mainly highlights digital arts. It is for this reason that the TEZOS artistic community is interested in it and intends to exhibit its first NFT art gallery. The latter is named ” Sonar Matica ». The Sonar Festival is honored to welcome this newcomer.

Tezos NFT, the artistic community, is gaining fame among artists who explore NFTs, to express themselves and to publicize contemporary art.

The Sonar Matic exhibition will be with renowned artists such as : Kelly Richardson, Casey Reas, Mario Klingemann and Anna Carreras.

Given the fact that Tezos remains a thrifty blockchain, Sonar Matica will explore 4 themes aimed at technologically protecting a society devastated by the climate crisis. These themes are: artificial intelligence, Web3, ecology and sound ecology. What is the nature of the relationship between Tezos and Sonar +D? Tezos is the owner of the NFT Sonar Matica art gallery and Sonar +D is in charge of the exhibition. Thus, between Tezos and Sonar +D, a collaboration in the artistic sector is born. As for Sonar +D, it is an international congress that explores creativity to bring innovation in the present and the future. Sonar+D collaborates closely with researchers, leaders and innovators.

Tezos devotes a whole week to art minté. Therefore, the SonarMàtica exhibition is on the agenda of the Tezos Art Week celebration.


The fact of using the NFT already gives artists from all over the world the opportunity to connect with different collectors. The sale of their work is thus simplified. In addition, the exhibition of Sonar Matica by Sonar+D during the Sonar Festival ensures a good visibility for the Tezos artistic community.

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