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Nomad Bridge Hack: 190 million dollars lost, 9 million found!

wed 03 August 2022 ▪ 18:00 ▪

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There’s something new in the Nomad Bridge hacking case. No sooner had the communiqué requesting the return of the stolen assets been published than the hackers decided to return part of it. At the moment, 9 million of the 190 million stolen have been returned.

$9 million restitution in Nomad Bridge hack

Nomad hackers return 4.7% of the stolen package

So it was not a sermon in the desert. The press release recently published by Nomad was read (or heard) by the hackers.

Here is an excerpt :

« We are actively working with a leading on-chain analysis company and law enforcement agencies to trace the funds. Everyone involved is ready to take the necessary measures in the coming days. »

And this allowed a new turn of events with regard to the Nomad Bridge hack.

At the time of writing this article, the hackers of the Nomad Bridge have returned $ 9 million. By doing the calculation, we can advance a retrocession of 4.7% of the assets siphoned via this bridge yesterday in the morning. Among them are stablecoins, including USDC to the tune of $ 3.78 million and USDT worth $ 2 million.

A refund yes, but not the whole

A small subtraction operation allows us to say that there are still some $ 180 million left in Ali Baba’s cave. Or at least in the crypto wallets “White Hat Hackers”. Work remains to be done, both on the side of law enforcement and that of Nomad Bridge hackers. As long as they end up listening to the voice of their conscience.

We must not forget that the hacker of Optimism returned 17 million of the 20 million OP tokens stolen. Certainly, he made the right decision like the perpetrators of the Poly Network attack in June 2021. The latter having returned the equivalent of $ 600 million in crypto stolen from the DeFi platform after a blacklisting operation of the siphoned tokens.

For its part, the Lazarus Group, author of the Ronin Bridge hack, has not returned anything at all after stealing $ 625 million from Axie Infinity. Fortunately, CZ, the boss of Binance, said that he had got his hands on $5.8 million from this fund.

The cyberattack stories of which the Nomad Bridge hack is part are not pleasant at all. As long as it is possible, bridge developers have an interest in strengthening their security. Let’s hope all the same that the White Hat Hackers can find the right path, and at the same time hand over a good part of their loot to the unfortunate victims.

Source : Coindesk

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