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Is the value proposition of bitcoin (BTC) real?

The relevance of bitcoin (BTC) is a question that often comes up from its detractors. On the occasion of the Surfin’bitcoin conference currently taking place in Biarritz, Alexandre Stashchenko from KPMG France and some experts decided to puncture the abscess. Cointribune tells you everything!

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Will bitcoin stand the test of time?

Yesterday, Alexandre Stashchenko (KPMG France), Charles Sannat (Le Grenier de l’éco),
Adli Takkalyan (Corner Circle) participated in a discussion moderated by Richard Détente, on the theme: “Is the value proposition of bitcoin (BTC) real? ».

For our experts, the future trajectory of bitcoin is not very clear. In particular due to the regulatory pressures that government authorities are exerting on the cryptocurrency sector. On the other hand, to reduce the public’s exposure to cryptos, public authorities are taking a close interest in central bank digital currencies (CBMCS).

These offer them more opportunities in terms of regulation and allow them to reduce crime. The question is whether this approach is not purely from a control perspective. What is certain is that bitcoin challenges the government’s monopoly. In addition, it is up to everyone to choose whether they are willing to sacrifice their freedom to join a pseudo-secure system.

For Adli, it will certainly be difficult to counter the monopoly that the state currently has. Moreover, it is difficult to know whether the fight against cryptocurrencies is peaceful. That said, Bitcoin should always be an emergency exit and current geopolitical trends should be able to make it more robust.

For his part, Alexandre recalls that bitcoin has long been frowned upon, even denigrated in France. Years later, mentalities have evolved and it is clear that BTC is still there. Moreover, the cryptocurrency market is under enormous commercial pressure. Indeed, the demand for bitcoin is growing. In addition, large companies are in the process of decompartmentalizing to adopt a digital asset-based approach to financial product providers. On the other hand, CBMNS are just the new avatar of fiat money. Therefore, they reproduce the same defects. Meanwhile, governments advocate the fallacious ideology of control for the general interest.

Let’s face it, bitcoin inspired the creation of a new world monetary order. All this based on freedom, decentralization and confidentiality. Although things are moving slowly, we must prepare to welcome the economy of the future. In particular, it is time for banks to adopt cryptocurrencies and reinvent themselves by offering new services. Moreover, although the regulations are constantly evolving, they are still insufficient. Finally, it is worth considering whether, as adoption progresses, the infrastructure will be able to scale up for everyone.

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