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Technology suffers an attempted cyber attack from the country

On April 12, the platform of trading of cryptocurrencies was the victim of an attempted distributed denial of service (DDoS) cyberattack. However, it ended in failure, as the platform’s servers, cybersecurity systems and all customer data were not understood. The leaders of the platform suspect Russian hackers of being the basis of this maneuver. The latter comes after the departure of the company from the country and the death threats that followed it.

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An attempt foiled thanks to the strong security measures of the platform

A distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack occurs when hackers attack a platform by sending it numerous requests for services. In the long run, this extreme solicitation has the effect of causing the failure of the platform infrastructure. On April 17, made it known that she was the target of this type of attack and that the perpetrators of it are believed to be based in Russia. Fortunately for the platform and its customers, the attack was thwarted thanks to the strong security measures of .

« identified security as a major concern of investors when choosing a trading platform. We are a global company whose leaders have years of experience in creating transparent, secure and powerful trading systems. Thanks to the strong security measures of , we were able to thwart the attempted DDoS attack. All our servers, systems and customer data remain intact and not compromised ”, said Viktor Prokopenya, the founder .

One of the first major cryptocurrency platforms to withdraw from Russia

Following the invasion of the Russian army in Ukraine, several crypto companies have made it known that they are going to withdraw from Russia. was, by the way, one of the first major crypto platforms to make this decision. After suspending the activities of its site in the country, the company said that the customer service employees of his platform have been inundated with abusive calls and death threats.

It was in this context that Mr. Prokopenya announced a few days later the attempted DDoS attack on which the platform was targeted, and that it was the work of hackers based in Russia. The platform then announced that it would continue to test and improve its systems and procedures to ensure that it remains robust and resistant to future cyber attacks in the coming years.

So it would seem that the attempted cyber attack of which was the victim or a response to his decision to leave Russia after the latter’s offensive in Ukraine. As a reminder, fears of such a response from the country had already been formulated when it announced its disconnection from SWIFT.

Source : Finbold

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