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Crypto : PancakeSwap Alert Scam

Scammers are once again hitting the CAKE cryptocurrency. The crypto universe is developing and with it, malicious spirits. Since the expansion of digital assets, many exchange platforms have been subjected to crypto scams and hackers seem to have a preference for the PancakeSwap DEX.

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PancakeSwap: the crooks are putting the cover back on!

The creation and media coverage of cryptocurrencies have highlighted a very promising sector. Indeed, in view of the earning potential of digital assets, more and more investors have embarked on it. However, who says money and technology usually says hack.

As a result, the evolution of cryptos has led to a parallel activity: the scam crypto. While some invest their money, others find ways to divert it. Several trading platforms have already been victims of these. Among these, PancakeSwap.

Last May, the decentralized exchange platform was the victim of the scammers. The latter offered users to click on a link to win gifts. PancakeSwap warned investors and managed to stop the activities of these scammers.

After a few months of lull, they are back in service and are again posing as the legitimate platform. This time, the hackers used the event logs to falsify the transfers displayed on Debank and BscScan. To do this, they almost always use the same method: the establishment of malicious links with a promise of gifts.

They scammers hit the platforms indiscriminately. The creation of cryptocurrencies has given rise to trading platforms in order to exchange, sell and buy tokens. However, some are misusing them. Indeed, malicious people use the name of these platforms to lure investors to fraudulent sites.

The phenomenon has been going on for a long time and negotiators are almost always victims of it. In the face of the resurgence of scams however, the affected platforms are taking care to warn users.

After the May attack, PancakeSwap is once again under attack from hackers. Faced with this new attack, the leaders of the trading platform are still warning users of the site. To do this, they list some tips so as not to be fooled by these malicious people.

It should be a priority to avoid sharing your private key. In no case should you communicate it to someone. Then, never navigate to the PCS link displayed on the dropped tokens. For more security, always make sure that you are browsing the official PancakeSwap website. To do this, you can bookmark the actual URL of the platform.

They scams crypto have gained momentum with the expansion and media coverage of crypto assets. Although 2021 has been the best year for these malicious people, the fall of the sector does not prevent them from continuing their activities. PancakeSwap has already paid the costs twice during this year.

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