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Crypto: Curve Finance’s turn to suffer an attack

As the cryptocurrency markets collapse, hackers continue to lash out at crypto platforms. After the hacking of DEUS Finance last April, it is the turn of the decentralized exchange (DEX) Curve Finance.


Curve Finance just lost $573,000

Under tweet from Watcher.Guru on August 9th,” Curve Finance has been hacked with $573,000 stolen so far ». The hacker hacked the DNS of the Curve platform and introduced a malicious contract on its homepage. He has thus ensured that the wallet of each user accepting the contract is automatically emptied. So far, Curve Finance has counted $573,000 in damages. According to analysts, the amount of losses could increase from one moment to the next.

It should be noted that Curve has advised customers to avoid using the platform until everything is in order. In this regard, he said: “ We become aware of a potential front-end problem that approves a bad contract. ». « At this time, please do not make any approvals or exchanges. We are trying to locate the problem, but for now, for your safety, do not use ”, he added.

Note that shortly after the announcement of the hack, Curve indicated via Telegram that there was no longer any reason to worry. Indeed, the exchange would have already found and solved the problem. He stressed: “ If you have approved contracts on Curve in the last few hours, please revoke them immediately. ». That said, it appears that the Curve Finance program contract has not been compromised.

The Curve Finance protocol has managed to become an integral part of the DeFi ecosystem. It issues CRV token rewards that different other protocols use as a source of revenue. Unfortunately, the DEX lost $573,000 as a result of a recent hack.

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