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Metaverse: The Sandbox and Ledger launch a unique partnership

Ledger is partnering with The Sandbox to promote cryptocurrency education in the metaverse. This new partnership aims to increase security in The Sandbox universe.

Ledger x The Sandbox

On Monday, Ian Rogers, Ledger’s chief experience officer, announced the news at the Non-Fungible conference. Rogers said the new partnership is aimed at increasing security in The Sandbox metaverse. As well as providing Ledger with a place in the game to educate people about cryptocurrency.

Rogers thanked The Sandbox and Sébastien Borget, the company’s co-founder and chief operating officer, for this opportunity. Specifying that Ledger will provide SAND owners with customized Ledger Nanos as part of the partnership.

We can read in a tweet from The Sandbox: “ We are partnering with @Ledger to secure the #Metaverse and improve security, education and user support! They will build a hub on their LAND, offering users support as well as learning and gamification experiences in #TheSandbox! »

Metaverse Sandbox Ledger
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Rogers also discussed the importance of self-ownership of its cryptocurrencies and NFTs. But also the risks that this entails. “The reality is that educated people become Ledger customers. So we just want to make sure that everyone has access to all the education they need to be safe. To properly manage this incredible right and freedom possible with self-management ».

For now, Ledger has not announced any other plans or more details about this partnership. It is interesting to note that Ledger has actively expanded its operations beyond traditional cryptocurrencies like bitcoin (BTC). To go to new arenas like the staking, the DeFi, the metaverse and the NFTs. Going so far as to launch a hard wallet specially designed to integrate NFTs.

The Sandbox in a very strong dynamic

The Sandbox is blowing up all records right now. The 1er april, this French company was named among the 100 most influential companies in 2022 by the Times newspaper.

The Sandbox is launching in all areas. Let it be the petaverse with Dogamí in order to offer playable four-legged characters, or with more popular partnerships such as with Rabbids.

But The Sandbox is also one of the most preferred metaverse by companies. In 2022, the Casino Group, Havas Group and Axa are already among the big companies.

We don’t know where The Sandbox will end, but he is sure that everything is successful for him. Decentraland, its main competitor, is having a harder time winning. The two metaverse remain very well placed compared to others like OVR.

The more the metaverse grows, the more the investment in it grows. It is therefore essential to do everything possible to educate and thus protect investors in this new world.

A decentralized world where it is possible to lose everything in a moment. One transfer, one mistake and it’s over. There is no insurance or phone service to help you if you lose your cryptos.

So as always, educate yourself, protect your crypto and NFTs, never disclose your seed phrase and don’t invest everything in one project. The diversification of wallets, cryptos and projects is the key to staying as protected as possible.

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