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Ethereum (ETH): The community has nothing to fear from the Merge?

tue 23 August 2022 ▪ 14:00 ▪

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Vitalik Buterin and his entire clique may have made the Merge shimmer, but investors’ fears have not been allayed. During and after The Merge, what will happen to their ETH holdings? Will there be 2 ETH tokens? So many questions that are currently plaguing the minds. Nevertheless, there are also confident investors on the other side of the bank. To show their loyalty to Ethereum, they are making sure that the number of ETH placed in the blockchain deposit contract increases.

Ethereum (ETH), The merge, the Merger

Ethereum 2.0, more and more blocked ETH

By collecting data from the Oklink platform, Tabloid Times concluded that the number of ETH placed in the Ethereum deposit contract is constantly changing. Indeed, the equivalent of 13.3 million ETH has currently been recorded there.

If we take into account the investment history in ETH 2.0, there had been an average of 36,000 coins per week put into play since the 1ster August. This makes a total of 153,000 ETH in just 23 days.

Note, however, that retail investors are only entitled to exchanges, shipments and sales of their coins stacked ethereum on the blockchain. Withdrawals being suspended until further notice.

For Coinbase, suspending deposits and withdrawals just before and during the Merge is the ideal solution. Just to prevent far too many investors from worrying about the fate of their ETH holdings.

Only a few days left before the Merge

Is the date of the Merge already known? More or less. Indeed, several media outlets have suggested that it will be held on September 16 next year.

As for the preparation of the Merge, everything seems to be in place apparently. Just yesterday, we learned that the Ethereum developers have invited Ethereum 2.0 Teku users to make an update. This is in order to integrate the Bellatrix upgrade, a step that requires the download of Teku v.22.81.

What is certain is that after The Merge, there will be no more room for the Proof-of-Work. A situation that will not please minors like Chandler Guo. Vitalik Buterin spoke about an Ethereum 2.0 free from selfishness.

But the most important of the advantages of Fusion is the energy saving: 99.95% savings, it is said.

After so much waiting, we are finally close to the Ethereum Merge. An event that caused so much ink to flow, and which was the origin of several speculations. It is quite normal if investors show fears about this tipping point. But with a Vitalik Buterin who is not stingy with explanations, and a very involved team behind the blockchain, they better wait for the changes with patience.

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