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Crypto: Ethereum (ETH) has not finished surprising us

The Ethereum (ETH) network has an increasingly dynamic monetary policy. Everything is done to ensure that the blockchain is as secure as possible. And with the launch of projects like Fusion, more and more developers are turning to this ecosystem.

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Ethereum (ETH), a great value storage alternative

Under tweet on August 3rd,” Ethereum is starting to realize that it is winning. Builders are entering the ecosystem in droves ». Indeed, there is a great chance that most of the new projects that enter the web3 will be built on Ethereum (ETH). You should know that recently Ethereum has launched a meme about the possibility of becoming “ an ultra solid currency ».

There were then several proposals for improvement that allowed ether (ETH) to be more solid. Among these proposals, there is EIP-1559, “The Merge”, and the deflation of ether (ETH). The Ethereum (ETH) monetary system has greatly benefited from this to improve. There have been in particular the adjustment of the tokenomics of ether (ETH) aimed at increasing the value of network fees.

At the same time, the supply of ether (ETH) has been reduced. This measure has led in particular to a sharp increase in the security level of Ethereum (ETH). Today, new developers are increasingly interested in Ethereum (ETH). They began to understand that it constitutes an incredible blockchain.

The data demonstrate that the promoters of crypto projects will turn more to this ecosystem. And this will be especially observed after the Merger. It appears that Ethereum (ETH) is on the way to becoming a better value storage alternative than Bitcoin (BTC).

Ether (ETH) has gained some solidity lately. With the adjustment of its tokenomics and the reduction of its offer, it has become safer. The Ethereum (ETH) network could become the best value storage alternative.

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