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Decentraland’s NFT (MANA), Mega Tower 2, sold for $238,000

In the current bear market and despite a lot of fear among users, Mega Tower, an NFT from Decentraland, was sold for more than $238,000. This event is an example that proves that despite high volatility, the metaverse and virtual real estate have not been affected. Meanwhile, while the Otherside Metaverse is also attracting a lot of attention, Decentraland’s Mega Tower 2 is breaking records.

The sale of Mega Tower on Decentraland

All about virtual real estate Mega Tower and Decentraland

The virtual land will allow the user to build a 325-foot property on site. This is five times larger than what a single room can accommodate. The property was purchased for 194,000 Mana Token (MANA). Decentraland’s in-game currency (MANA) also serves as a cryptocurrency for the platform. In addition, the new owner of Mega Tower 2 already has a large estate within Decentraland.

Azuki, a brand for the metaverse with more than 10,000 avatars, also recorded good gains. The previous collection and its new Beanz NFT collection have recorded impressive sales. Azuki #2239 was on sale for 75 ETH, or more than $150,000. Beanz #19597 also attracted an oversold of 52 ETH, or more than $100,000.

Other NFTs in the news

In addition to a sale of Bored Ape and Otherside, the NFT space has felt the adverse effects of the bear market. However, some projects and collectibles have managed to reverse the trend and attract top sellers. Nouns 103 was on sale for 85 ETH, or just over $170,000 at the time of the sale. CryptoPunk #8801 remained the second highest paid NFT and sold for 95 ETH. In fact, some less popular collections like Chimpers #2276 (sold for 40 ETH) and CatBlocks #504 (sold for 37.5 ETH) have also recorded impressive sales. Another notable NFT sale is the purchase of Gift Goat, which is part of the VeeFriends collection, which sold for 32 ETH.


The sale of the Mega Tower on Decentraland shows that despite huge anxiety in the markets, NFTs and real estate are not always affected. While major cryptocurrencies are experiencing a backlash, digital assets such as the Mega Tower continue to reach new heights. As we have just seen, other assets are also competing to achieve their records.

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