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CoinGecko, the platform innovates to the delight of its users

fri 19 August 2022 ▪ 9:00 am ▪

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Does not become ” crypto degen “who wants to. But we all know that decision-making cannot be separated from a good appropriation of information. When these are lacking, you will struggle to become a good cryptocurrency investor, let alone in ” degen ». This is why CoinGecko, the cryptographic analysis website very popular with bitcoiners, exists. The icing on the cake, the platform is equipped with a new feature to perfect these analyses.

CoinGecko gets a Tokenomics tab

CoinGecko adds a “Tokenomics” page on its platform

No enthusiast worthy of the name would deny the fact that CoinGecko is an ace at cryptographic analysis. Here at Cointribune, we don’t stop sharing real-time information about the prices of your favorite coins after digging into its data.

But the acquisition of such a status does not happen ex nihilo. There are, on the one hand, the objectives already achieved, and on the other, the unmet or newly established ones. This explains the existence of innovations on the Quince platform, such as nails :

  • « Category » ;
  • « Compare Corner » ;
  • « NFT Floor Price ” (NFT Floor Price) ;
  • Etc.

The latest one is called ” Tokenomics “, a page rich with initial support for 100 tokens.

The news was sent to us on August 15th via CoinGecko’s Twitter account, which highlighted :


1/ The path to becoming a crypto degen is not easy, that’s why we have introduced our new #Tokenomics tab!

Analyze the allocation of tokens, the timing of supply, acquisition and mechanisms – information that will help you in your search for crypto. »

In order to make it easier for you, we have captured some of the page dedicated to Shiba Inu (SHIB). The Tokenomics tab is easily visible, at the bottom and at the right end of the photo. By clicking on it, you will see some or all of the information quoted in the official post of CoinGecko appear.

ScreenShot Quince

100 tokens to get started

The company’s tweet actually includes a succession of comments that are similar to additional information about this novelty.

So, CoinGecko did not hesitate to provide explanations about these 100 tokens. As explanations, they mentioned the manual work of his team. Taking a look at the link indicated, we counted 103 crypto currencies from it. Among them are ApeCoin (APE), Axie Infinity (AXS), Ethereum (ETH) or Fantom (FTM). The last 3 corners entered at the time of writing this article are ZCash (ZEC), ZigZag (ZZ) and Zilliga (ZIL).

It should be noted that the company offered to respond to a special request from the apprentice ” crypto degen ».

In addition, CoinGecko did not fail to add clarifications on the meaning of the word ” Tokenomics ». In fact, it is simply the combination of “token” and “economy”. Tokenomics can cover :

  • allocation and acquisition of tokens ;
  • the total and maximum offer ;
  • and utility.

Of course, if you go through all of these explanations, you will find that you are not yet educated enough on the subject or almost. In any case, there is nothing taboo about strengthening our knowledge about tokenomics. Thank you Quince!

Quince, quecaco?

Born in 2014, CoinGecko presents itself as a reference site for cryptocurrency price lists. It is available in web and mobile application formats. By going on his home page, there you will see a default ranking of cryptocurrencies according to their market capitalization. As a result, it seems quite normal if you see bitcoin in the first position.

Source: Academy Moralis

CoinGecko stands out in particular for its dissemination of real-time information regarding prices, trading volume, fluctuations in values, etc.

At the time of writing this post, the platform has identified more than 12,000 tokens, most of which are unknown to us.

However, if you really want to become a ” crypto degen “, it is your responsibility to browse the current projects while using the tools made available by CoinGecko. Don’t forget that the company is offering a Premium subscription for 10 winners only as part of the launch of the ” Tokenomics ».

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