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Solanart launches a new version of its platform

After a long period of talking about it, the Solanart team has finally made the big announcement. She said she has worked hard on all fronts, from development to strategy. Now, she is ready to unveil her new project: a platform with a new user interface, a new custom fee function and a new API. The goal of the team is to offer the best NFT shopping experience on Solanart.


New features

With its new platform, Solanart aims to reduce costs to which the users of its services are subject. At the same time, the team wants to set up a new system with fees adapted to the market and users.

However, this project will not be fully unveiled anytime soon. Indeed, the team is “in the process of experimenting and depending on the reactions of the community”, it provides for to adjust the fees. For people wishing to take advantage of Solana’s new services, it will be possible to do so simply by registering. Registration will be made in the form of a deposit.

Solanart also plans to update the homepage of the platform. She will be even more user-friendly and more responsive than the one that was accessible until now. In addition, it will provide all the necessary information, whether the user is a beginner trader or a professional. Finally, the team has notified that with each connection, the cheapest NFT from the most successful collection over the past 24 hours will be visible.

Solanart has published an article on its website in which the team provides details on the features of the new platform it is creating. Obviously, it will be designed in such a way as to be more practical and more professional than the one to which users currently have access.

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