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safety remains a top priority

mon, August 22, 2022 ▪ 8:00 am ▪

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SwissBorg, the Swiss-based crypto platform launched in 2019, is showing resilience in the face of the crypto bear market. She was able to identify the risks of volatile markets and adopted a response strategy to ensure the sustainability of her clients’ assets. It’s no secret that macroeconomic and geopolitical problems make the market more complex than it was. Between the war in Ukraine and the energy consequences that this generates, there is logically inflation. In view of the cyclical situation of the current market, it becomes almost natural to be wary and this is exactly what SwissBorg is doing.

How does Swissborg focus on safety?

SwissBorg’s tailor-made and effective risk management policy

SwissBorg is aware that the widespread crisis of the cryptocurrency market will have important consequences. Indeed, bankruptcy and insolvency could affect all financial markets. It will be the same, with players of various orders and the most important crypto companies. In the event that the crisis continues, all these companies could file their balance sheets. Failing that, they will simply become insolvent. At the moment, the members of the SwissBorg platform have nothing to worry about, because the company has anticipated everything.

SwissBorg relies on on a quality risk management policy. For example, the management team made the wise decision to hold two-thirds of its assets in fiat currency or stablecoins. A brilliant idea to mitigate the volatility that could affect the other assets it holds. The remaining third of the assets are distributed mainly on assets deemed reliable and presenting low risks.

The team usually aims top 10 cryptocurrencies like BTC, the ether and much more. The increased caution of the application allowed him not to take any exposure to UST for example. She also has her CHSB parts, these serve as funding and reward. They can also act as funds in times of crisis.

Enhanced security at all levels thanks to quality services

Swissborg promotes its own CeFi and DeFi services. The platform believes that no CeFi will come to tell investors that they risk losing their funds by storing them, even if everything indicates it. This is for fear that a general panic will seize members who, in the process, could empty their accounts without hesitation.

To strengthen its security at all levels, Swissborg offers an irreproachable CeFi and DeFi to its members. The platform is based on cryptography, in particular with the MPC keyless technology to secure sensitive data. To assess its robustness, the platform continuously passes hacker penetration tests. To finish, the funds of the users and those of the platform are kept separately.

Swissborg is looking to the future

In the end, one thing is certain, Swissborg will not bend in the face of volatile markets, it can always count on its flawless security. One of the weapons of its resilience against volatility, beyond management and security, is its winning strategy. Indeed, the platform is aware that bear markets are part of the industry. It focuses on the future, without necessarily focusing on the losses generated by corrections.

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