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MapNode Saving To Earn || ways to make money from cryptocurrency?

There are many ways to make money from cryptocurrency, and you need to understand the characteristics of each and which one is right for you. To give you an overview, here is information on some of the popular ways to make money in crypto.

Buying and Holding: This is the act of buying a certain amount of coins that you find it has the potential then do the hoarding. With good coins, its value will definitely increase after a period of time. However, finding good coins from junk coins is like panning for gold. If you choose the wrong coin, you can lose everything.

Trading: Just like stock, cryptocurrencies are also actively traded on exchanges with the immutable rule of buying low, selling high. This kind of making money is suitable for those who have the knowledge of financial markets, have skills in analyzing, synthesizing, capturing information, and of course with a little luck.

Mining: This form is often used for coins that come with a Proof of Work (PoW) mechanism, typically Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH). Miners will invest in specialized computers to participate in some blockchain system to win rewards using PoW technology. In fact, mining is gradually becoming obsolete, outdated, and the ability to liquidate the mining tools is also quite low.

Staking: This is the act of keeping a certain amount of coins in the digital wallet of a blockchain project to earn periodic interest. The reward will be based on: the number of coins & the staking time.

Investing in ICO: ICO (Initial Coin Offering) is a form of fundraising in the crypto market. Startups will create and sell their cryptocurrencies under the name of “tokens”. In each sale round, the company usually offers a certain amount of tokens to investors in exchange for Bitcoin, Ethereum, or cash. When the company receives the investment, the investor will receive tokens that have the same value as stocks and will have full ownership of them. Please notice that investors do not have ownership of the company when investing in an ICO. Usually, the intermediary currency in ICO will be Bitcoin, Ethereum, and some other Altcoins. 

Drink to earn: This is a new model developed by MapNode. Instead of having to use specialized machines like traditional mining, with this method, miners can use NFTs purchased from MapNode Market and use them as mining machines. To perform mining, users only need to check-in the locations associated with MapNode.

Saving To Earn:

In addition to #drinkToEarn, MapNode ecosystem also provides a saving mechanism. Saving is a form similar to saving in a bank to receive periodic interest. The main difference is that with this mechanism, users will deposit coins instead of fiat.

> Saving helps you create passive income.

> Mapnode supports up to 20 Top coins on Coinmarketcap with attractive interest rates:

Total supply: 50,000,000 | 10%

Time and interest rate:

  • 180 days interest rate 0.25%/day => profit 45%
  • 270 days interest rate 0.30%/day => profit 81%
  • 360 days interest rate 0.35%/day => profit 126%
  • 720 days interest rate 0.40%/day => profit 288%

Direct commissions:

  • Level 1 6% of usd savings, receive with MNO token

Commission on interest:

  • Level 1 8%/ interest rate, receive with MNO token
  • Level 2 6%/ interest rate, receive with MNO token
  • Level 3 4%/ interest rate, receive with MNO token
  • Level 4 2%/ interest rate, receive with MNO token
  • Level 5 1%/ interest rate, receive with MNO token

Commission Leadership:

  • Leader 1: Total sales of weak branches reached $20,000 bonus 1%
  • Leader 2: Total sales of weak branches reached $50,000 bonus 2%
  • Leader 3: Total sales of weak branches reached $100,000 bonus 3%
  • Leader 4: Total sales of weak branches reached $300,000 bonus 4%
  • Leader 5: Total sales of weak branches reached $600,000 bonus 5%
  • Leader 6: Total sales of weak branches reached $1,000,000 bonus 6%
  • Leader 7: Total sales of weak branches reached $2,000,000 bonus 7%
  • Leader 8: Total sales of weak branches reached $5,000,000 bonus 8%
  • Leader 9: Total sales of weak branches reached $10,000,000 bonus 9%
    • Condition: a strong branch must be equal to or greater than the sum of the weak branches’ sales


  • Members saving in coins, the system converts to USD at the current price
  • Interest rate from USD converted to MNO token
  • Interest rate received per day
  • When the saving period expires, members get their originals back
  • MNO can be swapped over MNI, USDT
    1. MNO swap via MNI if in the sale rounds will apply according to the policy of selling rounds
    2. MNO swap to MNI after selling rounds will be based on current exchange rate

Check MapNode token information:

BscScan is a blockchain explorer commonly used for purposes such as checking the digital wallet balances, checking transaction history, verifying contracts, finding out information about tokens, etc. This blockchain explorer also allows users to check all information clearly and intuitively without having to connect to a wallet.

Users can use BscScan to verify the transparency of information about MapNode, as well as observe the progress of DeFi projects being built. BscScan can also check BEP-20 tokens in any wallet.

► This is one of the most basic yet useful tools for crypto players.

► BscScan is quite safe to use. Furthermore, BscScan was developed by the same team that made Etherscan.

► MapNode is now available on BscScan. To check the information, please visit

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