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LooBr – Gamechanger in the NFT Space has taken creation, display, and trading of NFTs to a whole new level. As a general understanding and use of NFTs has increased, LooBr has emerged as the first truly comprehensive marketplace that combines numerous media – as well as highly advanced features – all on one site.

LooBr offers user-friendly cross-chain minting, a fully developed and seamlessly integrated social media platform, as well as the added security features of a third-party KYC option and end-to-end encryption. Being a sister product of the metaverse Ruffy World, LooBr was also created to be the home of a wide variety of in-game assets from wearable NFTs to event tickets and metaverse land plots.

The rich, vibrant, and immersive experience of is unequaled. LooBr has perfectly merged art and commerce, as the LooBr platform is itself a work of art. This further enhances the unique qualities of listed items and shows how the creators appreciate a proper display for art.

LooBr’s unique combination of social media features is revolutionary for an NFT marketplace. There is a social feed, the ability to direct message creators or other users, and post your NFT in the social feed with a link to the listing. Likes, comments, and purchase history stays with the NFT as it changes hands within LooBr, so you buy not only the NFT but all its relevant information as well. LooBr’s newest feature is LooBr Stage, a streaming service where voice and video chats can be scheduled with many participants, public or private.

Finally, LooBr has created a DAO, which makes it possible to recommend further enhancements to the site, voted on by the community. Plus, adds another utility to #BAYC Collection, which are mostly designed to be used as profile pictures on social media platforms.

With all these features being innovative and unique for an NFT marketplace, it is easy to see why LooBr is being considered the “OpenSea Killer.” can be experienced via browser, or by downloading the Android or iOS app.

Top Ten features of found on no other NFT Marketplace, although new to the NFT marketplace scene, has developed a reputation for innovation and style. Although there are many components that LooBr has integrated jointly in this all-in-one marketplace, we have compiled a list of individual features that do not exist on any other NFT marketplaces to date.

To most first-time users on LooBr, there is a stunned sense of almost disbelief that so many features can co-exist all on one site seamlessly. These features integrate so well with each other – and with the commerce on the site – it feels intuitive. Natural. Although it could be considerably longer, here is a TOP TEN list of features that can only be found on the NFT marketplace.

  • Available on Browser, Android, and iOS

One can browse, mint, list, and trade NFTs on each of the above platforms with ease.

  • Cross-chain minting and listing NFTs on ETH, BSC, Avalanche, Polygon, Solana, and Cardano

To date, NFT marketplaces were specific to a blockchain. LooBr has broken that mold!

  • Like and comment directly on NFTs. History then transfers with the sale

When purchasing an NFT that has been wildly popular, that proof is purchased as well.

  • End-to-end encrypted text, voice, and video-chat

LooBr offers the highest level of security and privacy for your conversations.

  • Integrated social media network

With LooBr, you now can message other users or communicate with a creator!

  • Live NFT timed auctions

You can set a price for your NFT of course, but LooBr also offers a timed auction option!

  • Optional KYC for creators and traders

LooBr offers an optional third-party KYC service for added peace of mind

  • Featured NFTs in LooBr and in the Ruffy World metaverse

Featured NFTs are displayed on, and in the Ruffy World Art Gallery or billboards!

  • DAO

LooBr is proud to off a DAO feature so the community can vote on new enhancements!

  • LooBr Stage streaming voice & video chat, and group voice & video chat

LooBr Stage is a live streaming service for large and small groups, public or private!

On the heels of being awarded the Most Innovative NFT Marketplace at the Dubai Crypto Expo, recently launched is poised to take over the NFT marketplace industry. The above list is only partial. You can experience the perfect integration of art and commerce for yourself at

About LooBr is the second product of Meta Ruffy International FZCO, located in Dubai, UAE. Meta Ruffy’s first product, Ruffy World, is an entertainment-based metaverse. Meta Ruffy International FZCO is the vision of Cihan Sasmaz, its Founder and CEO.

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Contact Name: Cihan Sasmaz

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