Crypto signals are a hot topic these days. Some people are making money with them, while others are losing it. The thing that creates the difference is the signal providers they choose to believe in. But before that let’s talk a bit about crypto signals first.

Crypto signals 

Crypto signals are indicators that are used to predict if a cryptocurrency is going to gain or lose in the future. These indicators are based on the behavior of the price of the coin over the past several trading sessions, speculations, and world events. The method to create this type of indicator uses many algorithms and has a lot of rules that need to be followed, in order to be a reliable indicator.

Features of a reliable Crypto signals provider

While every crypto signal provider becomes unique by adding their own nuance to the services they provide, there are a few general features that one should look for while choosing a Crypto signals provider.

  1. Regular Updates
  2. Expertise and Experience
  3. Educational Content
  4. Exchanges Covered
  5. Cryptocurrencies covered
  6. Past Performance


In a short span since its inception, MyCrytoParadise has become one of the most trusted crypto signals providers there is.


It has been providing profitable signals very consistently.

MyCryptoParadise is founded by a team of 4 expert crypto traders who have a long experience of making a fortune in the world of crypto trading. The regularity this group provides is one of the highest and there is barely anyone who can compete with their up to 9 signals a day feature. Their expert team of veteran traders conducts thorough market research and financial analysis before giving out a single signal. That is what makes their signals as accurate as it gets. It covers all the popular crypto exchanges including ByBit, Binance, Coinbase, etc. Placed strategically all over the world, these team members never miss a single global event with the potential of having any market repercussions.

They provide their signals on their telegram channels and just like the other signal providers, they also have a free and a paid plan. The free version is like an introduction to the services MyCryptoParadise provides. There you get trading signals which are less frequently updated than the paid version. Apart from that, you get performance reports of the paid versions. Thus, a free version is used to educate people and establish trust with those who have still not gone for the paid channel.

The paid version is however the real gem. It is called the Paradise Family VIP program by the group. If you are here in this group, rest assured that you are the first to receive any trading signal this group gives out. Thus, it gives the paid subscribers, a competitive advantage over the free subscribers. Their feature of personal coaching is a novel idea as well. VIP members get a personal coach available to them 24*7 to clear their doubts and guide them through their trading journey. Not only that, they get to socialize with other VIP members in the VIP chatroom. It enables them to share each other’s trading experiences and help each other out by with knowledgeable discussions. Apart from this, there is a friendly team that provides customer support round the clock.


To fully leverage the benefits of crypto trading signals, it is essential that you subscribe to a legit signal provider. We trust MYC not just because it comes loaded with all the essential and premium features, but also because of the super-responsive team working behind the scenes.