Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX), a blockchain protocol purpose-built for digital goods, today announced the release of its developer portal called the WAX Developer Hive.

This launch comes after WAX recently issued a whitepaper for its new microservices layer, a full suite of blockchain-based tools and services that allow dApp developers to quickly and easily get their gaming and e-commerce projects up and running.

The WAX Developer Hive helps onboard new developers by detailing the WAX Service Layer. It offers quickstarts, tutorials, topics & reference, release notes, API reference, troubleshooting, code samples, etc.

“Building dApps is a daunting and exhausting task for developers and our new portal was created to give developers of all sizes the pragmatic tools they need to feel at ease when building dApps. WAX is paving the way with developer-first solutions. Our highly advanced marketplace services empower developers of all backgrounds to build their dApp on WAX rather than blockchains without a service layer such as EOS, Ethereum and TRON.”
–  Lukas Sliwka, CTO of WAX