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The most complete list of every blockchain and cryptocurrency meetup in Vancouver, with ratings! Our custom Bitcoin Market Journal Score is calculated by the number of members, user rating, and activity level. Use it as a guide for which meetups to attend in 2020.

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City Meetup Group Name Description Number of Members User Rating Activity Level Overall BMJ Score
Vancouver Blockchain & Cryptos The Blockchain & Cryptos Meetup group is for people who are interested in blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. 2889 N/A 1 2
Vancouver Vancouver Technology Talents Networking @ 9CAT The Vancouver Technology Talents Networking @ 9CAT MeetUp is for the Vancouver tech startup community. They encourage developers, designers, engineers, entrepreneurs, enthusiasts, and investors to meet together and spark innovative ideas. Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Artificial Intelligence, Mobile, Cloud Computing, Internet of Things are all potential topics. The MeetUp is technology driven and the limit is your imagination. 2080 5 5 4
Vancouver Vancouver Ethereum & Blockchain 2.0 Meetup Vancouver Ethereum & Blockchain 2.0 Meetup is a meetup for people interested in the ideas behind Ethereum, Decentralized Tech and Blockchain Technology. Blockchain technology has the potential to change the very foundation of how we organize society particularly with the concept of DAOs or Decentralized Autonomous Organizations. Feel free to join even if you know nothing about computers; the group is inclusive and wants to teach people about the implications of the technology. 2462 5 4 4
Vancouver Vancouver AI Tech Talk The goal of the Vancouver AI Tech Talk MeetUp is to congregate with AI enthusiasts from all over Vancouver to learn and practice AI tech, through tech talks, study jams, code labs etc. They regularly invite tech leads from innovated companies and successful startups to share their practice experiences and practices in the world of AI, Cloud, Data, Blockchain. 1974 N/A 4 3
Vancouver Blockchain Vancouver Blockchain Vancouver is a community effort to run awesome events, bring together people in the lovely city of Vancouver, have compelling debates, and interesting conversations. If you are involved with Blockchain, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Distributed Ledgers, or any other like-minded project, you should join Blockchain Vancouver. 1142 4 3 3
Vancouver Dctrl Dctrl is a Collaborative Community inspired by the ideas behind Bitcoin, Decentralization, and the Open Source movement. This is a meetup where forward-thinking people can hangout with like-minded individuals. Dctrl believes cryptocurrency will fund the Open Source movement and create economically sustainable systems for communities globally and locally. 2713 5 5 4.3
Vancouver Bitcoin-N-Beers Vancouver Join the Bitcoin-N-Beers Vancouver MeetUp to chat and learn about bitcoin, cryptocurrency and blockchain in a comfortable low-key setting. You don’t have to be a technophile, be a crypto trader or understand blockchains to join us. It’s for experts and newbies in the community alike. You also don’t have to drink beer – crypto and cocktails maybe? 1304 5 5 4
Vancouver VanDev: Vancouver’s Software Developers Network As the largest software development meetup in Vancouver and Canada, the VanDev: Vancouver’s Software Developers Network MeetUp strives to build an inclusive and diverse community, regardless of your skill level, background, or job. It is important that we all feel valued and have something to contribute and learn. The group will have a monthly tech talk. This provides a platform for developers of all skill levels to teach and learn. 7348 5 4 4.7

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