Totle, a solution for accessing the crypto decentralized exchange (DEX) market, has announced new important upgrades to the Totle Swap application. By using smart-order-routing technology, Totle automatically finds and acquires the best price across DEXs for ERC-20 swaps.

Read below for more information on the enhancements:

Swaps are Ranked

Totle now ranks the quality of Totle Swap rates on a scale of 1–10 to provide more insight into the slippage behind swaps. The rate rank will appear as soon as a swap pair has been selected so that users can better evaluate whether the order selected for them is right.


With Blocknative, users will benefit from getting additional feedback on the progress of swaps. This includes updates on order filling, additional error reporting, and more.

Nexus Mutual Insurance Goes Live

Reported earlier this month, users are covered for up to 92 ETH in the event that funds are lost during a swap due to an unforeseen bug. A major advantage of using Totle is that its smart contracts are designed to revert orders in the event that an exchange is experiencing problems. This means that in the event that the DEX has a conflict, user funds are protected by Totle, and in the event that Totle’s contracts encounter an unforeseen bug, the funds are covered by Nexus Mutual.

New Wallets

Web3Connect Now Live

With Web3Connect integrated into Totle Swap, users can now use:

These additional wallet options allow users to connect to Totle Swap directly with their preferred token storage method.

Enhanced Liquidity

Totle’s Custom Bancor Bridge

Totle has developed a custom-built bridge to Bancor for ERC-20 liquidity with some of the best prices on the market.

Access 0x Mesh Liquidity with Totle

Decentralized exchange protocol 0x has just launched an improved structure for the 0x network: 0x Mesh. By leveraging a peer-to-peer, mesh-like network of relayers and traders, 0x has made accessing their products and tools much more seamless. 0x Mesh’s networked liquidity will provide Totle users with better pricing and execution.

AirSwap Updated

Finally, Totle’s AirSwap integration has been updated to provide better liquidity and more competitive rates on both Totle Swap and the Totle API.