According to a report released by UN News in January 2020, countries continue to record increased levels of income inequality, including China, the world’s fastest growing economy. According to Antonio Guterres, the chief of the United Nations, both developed and developing countries are experiencing harsh situations of job insecurity, inequalities, and economic woes. Antonio noted how the lack of opportunities and the disparities in the levels of income are developing a vicious cycle of discontent generations. The report noted a 70% growth in inequality in the global population, a situation that places the global economic development at risk.

These inequalities fuel societal and international divisions, as more and more populations get trapped in poverty. However, the world is now in for a change following the United Allied State’s (UAS) commitment.

UAS refers to the sovereign and independent entity that is operating under the leadership of Stephen McCullah, the president. The entity is freedom-focused, and aims to achieve global freedom and prosperity. It is providing global countries the opportunity to partner with them, and revolutionize economies through the core values of respect for human life and free market enterprise.

The United Allied States Plan

The UAS seeks to learn from the mistakes recorded in history, and take corrective action. Going by a 2007 report on global economic challenges, energy and environmental security listed as the first issue that needed to be addressed. There was the threat of economic and societal damage from unsafe energy sources and national insecurity. The report further linked conflict to poverty, and highlighted the need to address conflicts in this perspective, rather than focusing all efforts on weaponized insecurities.

Further, global health, governance, and global imbalances came up as other key aspects that the world needed to address. Different states use distinct principles of governance, some of which impact business entities and foreign investors negatively. Most of them institute policies that restrict or undermine certain sectors, making entry difficult and income levels low through punitive taxation policies. 

UAS Providing Solutions for Inequalities

While the world is yet to achieve the recommendations from this report, the United Allied States seems to have come up with the ultimate solution. The entity is providing a laid down framework that accommodates all states willing to sign their cooperation treaty. The program will support and create favorable economic conditions for both states and individual investors. Each partnering state will be a freedom focused special economic zone.

How the Economic Territories will Work

The economic zones will become permanent entities that according to the agreement will provide partners with critical resources. The member states will enjoy a politically and economically stable environment with added benefits from the normal business environments. The agreement will see companies enjoy high-end infrastructural facilities including in the areas considered risky zones in the normal setting. 

According to a World Economic Forum 2019 report, the United States of America and China had been instituting tit for tat policies against each other. The tariffs continue to affect their economies significantly as both states record reduced levels of investment. However, UAS territories will be business-focused, and income will not be subjected to any taxes including property and corporate tax. It aims to provide a free market enterprise that will not suffer such tariffs, thereby promoting investment in business enterprises.

UAS Essential Services

UAS is providing a perfect opportunity, especially for countries facing harsh economic times. The agreement will see such countries benefit from not just the resources but job opportunities for citizens as well. Providing equal opportunities for all partnering states will end the income inequalities, thereby reducing poverty related conflicts. 

Healthcare lists among the essential contributors towards economic growth and productivity, and is among the issues UAS will be addressing. Part of its vision is to provide its citizens and those of the partnering states with unprecedented healthcare facilities and education.

Healthcare and education are both among the essential services that every government seeks to provide. Both of them have a direct link to economic growth, although citizens and businesses depend on other government service to achieve their goals. UAS plans to provide a stable business environment that operates freely but legally. The entity is adopting a system of governance that will be based on blockchain technology. Through blockchain capabilities, the entity will provide a national government platform, from where citizens can access different services. The system will be simple to understand and navigate, and accessible to all.

UAS Legal System

While UAS promises unprecedented freedom in business, the sovereign Free State  recognizes individual rights and liberty, and is thus establishing a legal system as well. The system will take responsibility for protecting these rights, although it will still run under the normal rule of a person’s innocence until proven guilty. However, it will be easier to appeal and overturn settled judgements than in the normal court system. The entity’s protection efforts stretch to ensure the safety of all from radical groups that are wide-spread especially in Africa.


In line with the current economic problems, UAS will be the world’s road to economic prosperity. The entity’s framework seems the ideal way to end inequalities in all spheres that are critical to economic growth. 

It will look into one of the most essential sectors, healthcare, which will automatically boost productivity and eradicate poverty. Critical resources such as energy will be available including in the marginalized areas. The national output will have guaranteed growth with increased investments and employment opportunities.

Every aspect of the UAS sounds just what the world has been waiting for. Besides, it solves all economic hassles and introduces a national currency based on blockchain technology. As such, UAS free economic zones will not have exchange barriers due to differences in currencies.