According to TRON (TRX) founder Justin Sun, the company is planning to launch Version 1.0 of the Sun Network on August 10. The founder took to Twitter to make the revelations, indicating the Sun Network was one of the 100X scalability solutions of TRON. The network is expected to be optimized on September 15.

Scalability Solution to Enhance Transfers

The Sun Network is a fast blockchain solution for smart contracts, distributed apps, and cross-chain activity. Justin Sun indicated that the solution will also include the DappChain that will allow developers to use the 1.0 code in creating a sidechain system that enhances the speed of distributed apps.

Equally, it is expected that the chain will use DPoS mechanism, which will ensure there is quick verification of transactions. User security and fluidity of transfer of tokens between chains will be enhanced through the smart contracts on the sidechain and main chain. Also, another amazing feature about the Sun Network is its ability to support costless transactions.

However, despite this positive news, TRX price did not change, and it remained rooted around $0.022, trading even lower against Bitcoin.

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TRON Continues to Perform Poorly

It, therefore, remains to be seen whether the launch of the Sun Network will turn fortunes for TRX. Prior to the announcement, anticipations for the launch failed to enhance interest for the altcoin following the plunge of altcoins in recent Bitcoin surges.

Currently, the TRON Network has been working on the implementation of Tether (USDT) on its platform while providing a special incentive plan for holding onto TRON-based USDT. The incentives are relatively limited because the amount of TRON-based USDT that is held in user wallets is limited.

TRON also felt the effects of the recent Binance IEO, WINk, and it dropped immediately and has since been hovering around 3 Satoshis with very minimal activity. The project has raised skepticism because of its unusually large staking rewards and the possibility of breaking monitoring restrictions.

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