AlphaPoint New York-based AlphaPoint is a financial technology company that provides asset tokenization services to enable businesses to launch security tokens as a new form of capital raising. The company provides exchange software, OTC trading platforms, and advisory, among other services. 2013 Asset Tokenization, Exchange Software, STO Launches LBX, CME Group, Dasset, Scotiabank 4,000 4.5 5 CoinFabrik Argentina-based CoinFabrik develops blockchain technology solutions for businesses as well as security audits, training, and advisory services. 2014 Decentralized Solution Development, Advisory, Training, Security Audits Decentraland, Wings, Jaxx, Xapo, Telegram 1,000 5 4.5 ConsenSys New York-based ConsenSys is a market-leading blockchain development and consultancy company that develops products and solutions based on the Ethereum blockchain. 2014 Blockchain Development, Advisory, Education Ethereum, IBM, MetaMask 81,000 3.5 5 Blockchain Lab London-based BlockchainLab is a blockchain consultancy that provides a range of blockchain-related services, including crowdfunding, asset tracking, smart identity, and regulatory reporting. 2013 Blockchain Development, Consulting, Advisory, Token Sales Coinprism, Blockstream, RIvetz 5,000 n.a. 4.5 MLG Blockchain Toronto-based MLG Blockchain is a consultancy company that provides blockchain development and tokenization solutions for startups, and enterprise and government clients. 2016 Capital Raising, Blockchain Consulting, Transformation bitJob, Tron, MailCoin, LAToken 2,000 3.6 4 LeewayHertz San Francisco-based LeewayHertz is a leading blockchain development and consulting company that provides a range of services, including blockchain development, smart contract creation, and IEO/STO launches. 2007 Blockchain Development, Consulting, DApp/Smart Contract Development, STO/IEO Launches TraceRx, Siemens 1,000 3.4 4 HashCash Consultants California-based HashCash Consultants is a global Blockchain and IT services company that provides a range of blockchain services and products for startups and enterprises. 2015 Exchange Software, ICO Launches, Coin Listings Microsoft, HSBC, Kotak Bank, DBS 750 4.6 4 Applied Blockchain London-based Applied Blockchain is a leading blockchain development company that provides a wide range of blockchain-related services to startups, SMEs, and multinational corporations. 2015 DApp Development, Security Audits Shell, KLM, BABB, Travel Ledger 750 n.a. 3.5 DLT Capital Munich-based DLT Capital is a blockchain and STO consultancy that provides advisory and consulting services to business that want to launch a security token offering to raise capital. 2018 Corporate Finance, Research, Advisory, Investor Relations Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange, Crypto Valley, Security Token Network, everiToken, CoinMirror 200 n.a. 3 Chainwise Group Berlin-based Chainwise provides specialized consulting in blockchain technology and digital assets to startups and SMEs. 2018 Enterprise Consulting, Solutions Development, Marketing, STO/ICOs Xain, Share & Charge, Solidified, CoinMe 500 n.a. 3