Exodus Exodus is one of the most user-friendly litecoin wallets available, with tons of integrations, social media channels, and ways to reach out for help. It supports dozens of currencies and it’s a lite wallet that saves space on your desktop. It has a great interface and gives you full control. Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android, iOS Slack, Knowledge base, Tutorials, Help articles, Email, Twitter, Facebook, Github Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn Easy 5 Atomic Wallet Atomic Wallet is free and easy to use. You can purchase LTC with a credit card from the app and easily exchange it using the Changelly integration. The dashboard gives you a user-friendly way to manage your litecoin and it has support for hundreds of other altcoins. Windows, MacOS, Linux, Ubuntu, Android, iOS Knowledge base, Blog, Email, Live Chat, Help articles, Github Twitter, Telegram, Medium, Reddit, Facebook, YouTube, Steemit Easy 5 Jaxx Liberty The Jaxx Liberty litecoin wallet is the best option for accepting payments on the go. It’s not as versatile as some others and because it’s new, it doesn’t support a ton of altcoins yet. However, the accessibility on multiple platforms is good and conversions are quick and easy. Android, iOS, MacOS, Windows, Linux, Chrome Extension Website support (help articles and contact form) Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, YouTube, Telegram Easy 4 Litecoin Core The official wallet for Litecoin is pretty easily accessbile, the downloads are on the main page, and it’s a private wallet with full transaction verification. It’s great for businesses, but can be slow and frustrating for the average user. Linux, MacOS, Windows, Android Forums, Telegram, Reddit, Twitter, Wiki, Github Twitter, Telegram, Reddit Moderate 3.8 Ledger Nano S This litecoin wallet is very highly rated on a lot of lists, but for a beginner, hardware wallets can be a little more difficult to understand. Purchasing the hardware and downloading the Ledger Live app from the website is super simple, but conceptualizing the functionality is out of the grasp of someone who doesn’t know a lot about wallets to begin with. In terms of privacy, a hardware wallet tends to be a bit more secure because nothing is hosted online. MacOS, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android Website support (help articles and contact form), Github Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn Moderate 3.8 LoafWallet If you’re looking for a mobile wallet and don’t care to use a desktop version on your computer, LoafWallet is a great option. You can purchase LTC via the Coinbase integration using this wallet, making it easy to buy LTC on the go. While it’s not the official litecoin wallet, it was developed by litecoin’s creator and the Litecoin Foundation manages all maintenance of the app. iOS, Android Github, Litecoin Foundation Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram Easy 3.5 Trezor This hardware wallet is another one that’s more secure than an online wallet, but too hard for beginners to grasp. There’s an online dashboard only accessible by Firefox and Chrome, and there’s an Android app. Apple users are out of luck if they want to use Safari browser or their iPhone. However, Trevor has the versatility of supporting dozens of altcoins if you want to do some heavy trading. Web-based dashboard (Firefox and Chrome), Android app, Exodus integration Wiki, Blog, Website support, Github Facebook, Medium, Reddit, Twitter Hard 3