An internet post on Sunday sent shockwaves across the crypto community when a man claimed to the real Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin. Bloq co-founder Jeff Garzik, who was in touch with Satoshi via emails before his disappearance has trashed the claims.

Doubts arise

The latest blog post claims that the real Satoshi Nakamoto will reveal his real identity on Tuesday. On Monday, the writer of the new blog posts claimed that the developer is actually a Pakistani national who is now living in the UK. He changed his name from Bilal Khalid to James Caan. He also posted two of his blog posts earlier because of the response he received.

The New Satoshi Nakamoto Sparks an Uproar in the Community

Jeff Garzik, one of the pioneers of Bitcoin, said that that writing in the latest posts are not similar to the communication he had with Satoshi. He said, “The writing style does not strike me as the same,” adding that it appears that Satoshi hasn’t resurfaced after all. He also believes that the information provided in the first of the blog posts is actually only publicly available data while claiming that he hears from several Satoshi claimants regularly.

He said,

“I actually get this every couple of months — a new fraud every couple of months. “Usually it’s either information, or it’s a common scam: ‘All my Bitcoins are locked up, send me some of yours.”

Nakamoto is still an enigma

The legendary creator of Bitcoin was regularly posting on crypto forums and talking to several top names in the industry before he mysteriously disappeared from the public eye. Over the years, several people have claimed to be Satoshi Nakamoto. This includes Australian scientist Craig Wright who has maintained his claim for years, even though it has been rubbished by several members of the crypto industry. Wright is now a part of several court cases that could help him in proving that he is the real Bitcoin inventor. He also regularly sends legal notices to people who disprove his claims.

Others, like John McAfee, claim to have known the real name of Nakamoto and teased it as well. However, he too fell short of telling the truth. The only thing the real Satoshi needs to do is use a digital signature only he knows. Nobody has done this so far, which is a strong proof against their fraudulent claims. Even Caan, the new claimant, says that his Bitcoins were lost because of a malfunction in his computer hard drive. Note that Satoshi mined millions of early Bitcoins and could be sitting atop a $10 billion fortune.

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