Vitalik Buterin Founder of Ethereum and commenter on cryptocurrency 2011 876k Twitter followers High Built the second most popular cryptocurrency Good, not great. A mix of insight and links, along with personal opinion and commentary. 4.7 Erik Voorhees CEO and founder of multiple cryptocurrency firms 2009 354k Twitter followers Moderate Built several cryptocurrency firms and has been recognized by numerous publications as a thought leader Moderate at best. Some links and insight with a heavy helping of data-light snark and blockchain evangelism. 3.3 Tone Vays Derivatives trader, crypto evangelist, and pundit. YouTube personality. His opinion on digital asset valuation is often controversial. A “rockstar” figurehead of the crypto space. 2013 193k Twitter followers High Podcast and conference host. Event organizer. Risk analyst at Bear Stearns, VP of JP Morgan Chase High. Although known for his sometimes erroneous price predictions, Tone Vays covers issues as deep as tech concepts through some of his workshops, educating the masses on digital ledger technology. 3.9 Charlie Lee Founder of LiteCoin 2008 835k Twitter followers Frequent Built one of the most successful cryptocurrency projects Good. A mix of industry commentary and updates on LiteCoin. Interesting and informative, but mostly to people interested in LiteCoin. 4.1 Jamie Dimon CEO of JP Morgan, Dimon is a special case. A fierce critic of Bitcoin and blockchain, Dimon’s position in the financial world makes his perspective worth following (even if outside the norm for a list like this). N/A 476k Twitter followers Low CEO of one of the world’s largest investment banks High. Although a relentless skeptic of cryptocurrency, Dimon’s perspective comes from one of the most well-informed and high profile voices in finance. 3.8 Andreas Antonopoulos Computer scientist, commenter, and author of numerous books on blockchain. 2013 499k Medium followers Moderate An author of numerous books, Antonopoulos also writes a Medium blog and runs a Youtube channel. High. Despite his relatively infrequent posting, Antonopoulos’ work is informative and detail-rich. 3.7 Laura Shin Journalist with a focus on cryptocurrency and blockchain 2009 115k Twitter followers Frequent An editor with Forbes who writes extensively on this subject from a neutral perspective High. Shin’s articles, while for general consumption, are extremely well informed and obejctive. 4.2 Anthony Pompliano A very active advocate of institutional crypto adoption. Author of a daily letter, directly involved in the industry through Morgan Creek Digital 2018 270k Twitter followers High Co-founder and partner at Morgan Creek Digital. High. Pomp’s work is focused on the institutional adoption of digital assets. Through his Digital Asset Fund, he directly facilitates access to the crypto space for institutions. 3.5 Brian Armstrong CEO of Coinbase 2008 309k Twitter followers Frequent Helped to found one of the biggest blockchain sites online and has a Medium blog Moderate. Armstrong’s work is generally insightful, although often intermixed with advertising for Coinbase. 3.6 Nick Szabo A computer scientist, economist, and author 2014 242k Twitter followers High Generally credited with inventing the concept of smart contracts as well as the gold standard model used by Bitcoin High. Although not geared toward general consumption, Szabo’s work is informative and dives deep into the economics and monetary concepts essential to cryptocurrency. 4.2 Don Tapscott Author of numerous books on technology and blockchain 2008 111k Twitter followers High Has written several well received books and is the founder of the Blockchain Research Institute Good. Tapscott’s chief body of work comes through his books,which are generally very strong, rather than his online media. 3.6 Thomas Power An advisor and board member of several technology companies 2007 325k Twitter followers High Widely consulted speaker and often-cited authority on blockchain,who has contributed relatively little in terms of original scholarship or business foundation Good. His publicly available work used to be unfocused and rarely informative. That changed with the release of his book Tokenomics, which covers ICOs as well as technical issues concerning tokens and coins. 3.5 Tuur Demeester Economist and editor at Adamant Research 2009 198k Twitter followers High A researcher and writer who specializes in technical analysis Good. Demeester’s publicly available work is focused on economic issues and market analysis. 3.8 Justin Sun Founder of the TRON platform, Bittorent CEO, overall DLT wonderkid. 2013 1.69m Twitter followers High Protege of Alibaba’s Jack Ma, former chief representative of Ripple in the Greater China area. Sun is the founder of TRON. Moderate. Sun is a bit of a hype master. He knows how to attract attention and to pull publicity stunts, skills which he often employs for the benefit of the crypto industry. His focus is, however, on his own TRON and BTT. He is more of a salesman than an educator. 3.9 Brian Evans Journalist and entrepreneur in technology space 2009 499k Twitter followers Moderate A contributor to outlets such as Inc and Fortune, as well as the founder of Influencive Moderate. Evans’ work is interesting and he has numerous articles on blockchain; however, they are often topical and with less detail than many other writers on the subject. 3.6