Skaffolder, a platform that allows developers to build custom web and mobile apps in multiple programming languages, and blockchain technology company Factom, today have released a new comprehensive template for those who develop web applications on a daily basis or who need to start new projects frequently.

With the software application development market growing from $9.05 billion in 2012 to over $10.28 billion in 2016, the two firms believe the need for templated applications is clear.

The automatic creation of code with Skaffolder standardizes the working methodology in the projects, increasing the ideas interchange between the professional figures within them, favoring their synergy and cooperation.

Factom is a provider and blockchain integrator for enterprise companies. The Factom Harmony platforms create an immutable audit record of activities, data, events, and decisions.

Using simple API’s to utilize Factom’s blockchain solutions and take advantage of a distributed mechanism to preserve data, files, and digital records, making them verifiable and independently auditable.

“Skaffolder offers an easy way to get started with any web and mobile applications. Thanks to the collaboration with Factom developers can now create blockchain applications. This enables software developers to become blockchain developers in few clicks, empowering them and bringing more value to their company.”
– Luca Carducci, CEO at Skaffolder

Integration Work Flow

By implementing Factom’s blockchain solution with Skaffolder’s templates, users send data to an immutable source, with no need for extra validation. This simplified process saves developers 30% of their time they would otherwise spend checking their work.

This integration also represents one of the fastest ways to complete a Proof of Concept because the foundational work already exists. The platform avoids the writing of repetitive source code delivering quality code of which the developer remains the owner, easy to understand and easily customizable.

“Factom Inc. is delighted to be partnering with Skaffolder. Their template visualization is a natural fit for our APIs to show off how seamlessly blockchain practically transforms software applications. We look forward to this meaningful collaboration to bring our data integrity solutions to an industry where it is very much needed.”
– Paul Snow, CEO at Factom Inc.