Securitize, a platform delivering global solutions for compliant digital securities, announced it has partnered with Algorand to support Securitize’s DS Protocol on the recently launched Algorand blockchain.

The platform-agnostic DS Protocol will now support Algorand, giving issuers using Securitize an additional high-performance platform option for issuing, trading, and performing corporate actions using digital securities.

Algorand utilizes a pure proof-of-stake protocol delivering decentralization, scalability, and security, making it ideally suited for issuing and managing digital securities.

In an announcement last month, Securitize was named as one of the initial portfolio businesses that will receive funding from the recently closed $200 million USD VC fund of Algo Capital, an institution focused on accelerating access, adoption, and liquidity of the native Algo token.

Last month, Securitize became an SEC-registered transfer agent.

Securitize DS Protocol