XRP, the world’s third-biggest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, has not had a great year so far and Ripple has come under a fair share of fire over the state of affairs. The San Francisco-based startup holds the highest number of XRP tokens and has been responsible for developing greater awareness about the cryptocurrency.

Ripple’s CEO Makes Bullish Note

However, the poor performance this year has been blamed on the company’s practice of selling off large chunks of XRP, and many believe that this practice has depressed the price of the token. Even though the wider crypto sector enjoyed a rally, XRP languished, and so, Ripple’s CEO Brad Garlinghouse has decided to address these allegations yet again.

Over the past few quarters, the scale at which XRP has been sold has increased steadily, and that led to a lot of heartburn in the media, as well as among investors. At the time, Garlinghouse had stated that the XRP is being given away in order to fund more crypto projects. However, that did not appease the Ripple community, and recently some had threatened that they will instead try to go for an XRP hard fork.

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In an interview yesterday with CNN, Garlinghouse said that since Ripple is the largest holder of XRP, it has the biggest interest in the ultimate rise of the cryptocurrency.

Garlinghouse was also questioned about the allegations of having ‘dumped’ the company’s holdings in the market at an alarming rate. However, Ripple’s CEO explained that a healthier XRP ecosystem is in everyone’s best interests, and hence, the company would never resort to such tactics.

Earlier on this month, Garlinghouse had taken to Twitter in order to dispel these allegations and stated that the rate of XRP sales had in fact gone down from one quarter to the next. That being said, investors are surely going to be more interested in Ripple and its actions going forward.

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