AirSwap, the decentralized, peer-to-peer token trading network, has announced the launch for the new public beta of AirSwap Trader at The Airswap team has been working to perfect the AirSwap Trader product since 2017, and it is now well on its way.

Users of the AirSwap network can share and settle over-the-counter (OTC) trades with no counterparty risk, no deposits, no fees, and trade any size or price between any two wallets.

AirSwap is a network created by traders and technologists to remove the need to trust. Two of the most powerful features of Ethereum are smart contracts as tokens and smart contracts that swap these tokens in a transaction that succeeds or fails completely, otherwise known as an atomic swap.

The AirSwap team published the Swap Protocol whitepaper in 2017 and has been delivering products on it ever since. Now marks the public beta release for the newest AirSwap Trader, designed to be an important building block of decentralized trade and the latest feature of the AirSwap product family.


With AirSwap Trader, tokens never leave the user’s wallet until they’ve successfully been swapped. Price and quantity are set by one party — the maker — and either accepted or dismissed by another party — the taker. Both sides cryptographically sign the trade using their wallet, whether browser-based like MetaMask, web-based like Portis, or hardware like Ledger.

AirSwap Trader is ‘trustless’ – built on the previously mentioned Swap Protocol. The code itself is verified on Etherscan, where it is shown exactly how a trade executes on Ethereum.

The app is flexible as well, even if currently sitting without a specific counterparty ready on the other side, users can still easily create a trade offer and share the rich information filled link publicly. Moreover, if a project or developer has created a brand new token, users will be able to exchange it with AirSwap Trader. There is no listing process on AirSwap, as the tokens on the network are all supplied by the users and traders themselves.

Using AirSwap Trader, creating a trade offer is just clicks away