Ever thought of investing in cryptocurrency mining? Or, you always though you can’t invest in heavy, expensive, and out of reach equipment to mine and missed the opportunity to earn your fortune. Plosive (PLO)The best cryptocurrency in 2020 that is promising you the real opportunity to mine using your smartphone. And, here is why you must be concerned…

Plosive (PLO)- a uniquely suited cryptocurrency for smartphone crypto-mining, has successfully completed the first round IEO with ChainX exchange. First-round of Plosive (PLO) was sold out in just 30 minutes today! Yes, you read it right, and if you were thinking for years to invest in a reliable and trusted cryptocurrency mining project with a promising future and that must not be missed, you’re at the right place. You can participate in the token sale now and use a smartphone later to mine the cryptocurrency while surfing the web on your smartphone. Plosive (PLO) is trusted among communities and has already received 3.5M USD investment from private investors.

What Is Plosive (PLO) Token?

Plosive is an all-in-one solution, uniquely positioned in the public’s interest in crypto mining via smartphones. Plosive project is a mobile rewards app. Users do not need to make any payments in advance and can still experience the smartphone mining model of cryptocurrency.

So What Does It Mean By Plosive (PLO)’s Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) On ChainX

An IEO offers tokens or coins through a partnering exchange, rather than directly to investors to build better trust and transparency. Plosive (PLO) has partnered with the best multi-currency crypto exchange in the Republic of Korea – ChainX, where the first round of token sale of Plosive (PLO) lasted for just 30 minutes today, i.e., 25th March 2020, giving investors once in a lifetime opportunity.

Advantages Of Plosive (PLO) Over Traditional Cryptocurrency Mining

Plosive (PLO), is challenging the traditional ways of mining cryptocurrencies where only the big players had the advantage and used to reap the benefits. The unique features that make Plosive (PLO) stand apart in the crowd of hundreds of tokens today are:

  • It’s easy and helps people understand the Blockchain technology in the simplest way possible, hence building trust in the cryptocurrency ecosystem
  • Users do not need tons of money to invest in cryptocurrency mining equipment.
  • Your hard-earned money is safe as you don’t have to rely on third-party mining equipment suppliers, mining websites that claim to mine for you.
  • It has some unique features which no other platform provides, such as – background mining via smartphones, P2P Mining, maximum rewards, and multisystem mining.

Here Is How You Can Find Out More About The Most Promising Cryptocurrency Of 2020

Yes, Plosive is omnipresent! The Plosive team firmly believes that social acceptance is the key to success for any cryptocurrency platform to build trust among communities. You can find out more about PLO at the following channels:

Website: http://plosive.io/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/logan-foster-6355261a5/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/LtdPlosive

Telegram: https://t.me/plosiveofficial

Email: [email protected]

Etherscan: https://etherscan.io/token/0x98a8aa8c5c1cdc16a3572f4f11307cdd22e3094c

You can find out more specific and detailed information about the project, future plans, and the team in Plosive (PLO) foundation’s Whitepaper


The best aspect of Plosive (PLO) is that the platform is a secure and transparent one in all aspects. It collaborates with other great blockchain projects to provide more ease and benefits to users e.g.discount benefits, access to new products, etc. The best part is, you’ll not have to be worried about what’s happening behind the scene.