Trading is a complex process, but crypto exchanges like OKEx are working to help make it more accessible, by providing its customers with a range of tools to help them succeed.

The steps being made by OKEx, one of the biggest digital asset trading platforms in the world, include giving its traders access to analyze the big data behind its trading platform, and allowing them to explore in detail OKEx’s futures and perpetual swap markets.

The big data feature uses six factors to help traders with their decisions across perpetual swap and futures trades, these are:

  • Long/Short Users Ratio
  • Basis
  • Open Interest and Trading Volume
  • Buy/Sell Taker Volume
  • Top Trader Sentiment Index
  • Top Trader Average Margin Used

Also, just recently, the OKEx team introduced daily settlements for futures contracts across nine of the top cryptocurrencies, helping traders to cash out their profits following successful trades.

An OKEx spokesperson said upgrading the settlement time was a significant move that would help traders get their hands on the profits they had made without having to wait for a weekly settlement.

“This update was brought after we listened to what our users wanted, and upgraded our services to match their requests,” they said.

“As more and more people learn about the potential returns from trading cryptocurrencies and futures contracts tied to these assets, we’re seeing an increased demand for a simple to use service. 

“We’re working to provide new and experienced traders alike with great tools that can help them maximize their returns.

“Remember, trading any sort of asset carries risks. Before you start to trade, do your own research, and always make sure you have a risk mitigation strategy in place.”


With such a wide range of ways to trade, including spot trading, margin trading, futures and perpetual swap, essential tools like OKEx’s OK PiggyBank can get overlooked.

The PiggyBank is a way that experienced traders can gain extra returns. They do so by placing any spare funds they have available in the PiggyBank to access whenever they need them. A simple step, but one that OKEx says new traders are unaware of. 

OKEx is one of the world’s biggest digital assets exchanges.

As well as trading futures, customers can trade hundreds of trading pairs, giving them a range of options to help them develop their trading strategies.