Swiss bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange firm Bity, announced today the integration of its exchange API with messenger based cryptocurrency wallet LiteIM.

The API allows users to buy/sell bitcoin and ether for Euros or Swiss francs up to 5000 CHF per day without KYC through their bank account.

The proprietary Bity API enables any endorsed app to provide a compliant crypto-to-fiat exchange seamlessly and with little technical knowledge.

On, select the “Trade” button and choose “Buy or Sell” to utilize the new integration


Users can complete fiat to crypto (buy), crypto to fiat (sell), and crypto to crypto (swap), exchanges on up to 5,000 CHF daily per wallet address/IBAN, without the need to create an account or complete KYC verification with Bity.

This feature is possible due to Switzerland’s fair regulation on exchange transactions, Bity’s continued Swiss AML compliance, and its new wallet-ownership-proof verification technology.

While planning more integrations, the Bity API has already been successfully integrated by wallets including MyEtherWallet and merchant apps like Inapay.

“Monetizing projects in the crypto space is not always easy. We understand this and we will be sharing our profits with you if your integration is eligible for partnership. Once your partnership is endorsed, we will share 10 – 30% of our profit margins with you on every executed order.”
– The Bity Team

For more information on the Bity API check out their documentation.