SEED, an independent marketplace for conversational AI, announced today it will partner with Christian Veselinov and LimeChain, a DLT and blockchain services firm, to lead the development of SEED’s smart contracts and blockchain infrastructure.

SEED is building a platform and marketplace for conversational AI where companies and individuals will be able to sell, build, license and deploy AI and bots. This bot economy will utilize a blockchain foundation to provide transparency and accountability, built on top of the SEED token.

“We are excited to be collaborating with Christian and LimeChain, and are already seeing significant progress in a short period of time. LimeChain will be focused on building out our smart contracts and blockchain infrastructure.”
– John McKnight, CTO of SEED

LimeChain is a DLT and blockchain services firm that specializes in public and private blockchain development, decentralized app development, and smart contracts. Christian Veselinov, Founder and CTO of LimeChain, is an expert in the architecture and deployment of public and private blockchains and DLT technologies.

“We admire how SEED is building an open, trusted alternative for builders of conversational AI. We will continue to support the development of SEED’s platform as they approach launch.”
– Christian Veselinov, CTO and Founder of LimeChain