Globally, the use of digital payments is slowly growing, with approximately 5.7 billion people using digital payments this year. Forms of digital payments like banking cards, internet banking, and mobile wallets face a significant rise in the economies of countries like China and India. Developing countries like those in Asia, Africa, and South America have also encouraged digital payments, although a majority of their citizens are unbanked. These countries have their citizens reliant on mobile banking systems, a system that relies on mobile technology.

Although the use of digital payments is rising, intercontinental digital trade has proven to be redundant and disappointing. Digital forms of payments do not cover every corner of the world, with cash payment still leading in terms of settlements worldwide. Various barriers have made digital payments rather impossible for most countries, inclusive of first world countries.

A new platform has evolved to curb this issue; Knox World Pay, the first-ever blockchain-based system that will bring digital payments within anyone’s reach. It is the solution to every problem that has locked blockchain and digital platforms from being used worldwide, solving speed, accessibility and usability.

Problems Facing Digital and Blockchain Platform Payments

Mobile money banking systems and blockchain platforms partly ease the use of digital payments. Even though in some parts of the world, like first-world countries, have embraced the use of non-cash transactions, the majority of nations are still using cash as their large-scale form of payment. Blockchain platforms such as Ethereum, Stellar, NEO and EOS have distinct features. However, they aren’t familiar with the population worldwide. 

The main problems hindering the global use of digital payments are;

Slow and expensive international transactions

Making digital payments across borders is quite tiresome even in this modern age. Even financial institutions with access to blockchain technology still find it hard to do transactions on the international level. The technology present wasn’t enough to facilitate smooth cross border transactions. Those able to transact across borders found it depressingly slow. 


Most financial institutions, such as banks in third world countries, do not have technologies that can handle digital payments. They mostly rely on hard cash to make payments and purchase assets. Citizens in such countries face out digital settlements because not many business owners deal with cashless transactions. The use of cryptocurrency is even very unpopular in third world countries since they have no platforms to serve its users.

Difficulty in Usage

Mobile phone technology has embraced the use of cashless payments, but sadly it is not the case worldwide. Developing economies in continents such as Asia serve the use of mobile money wallets. Nevertheless, the majority of countries’ digital payments are just within their borders. Lack of internet services and gadgets such as smartphones and computers have made it impossible for multi-national transactions to take place. A third world country citizen having no internet access to trade money on his mobile money will resort to using cash.

Knox World Pay

Knox World Pay the first-ever blockchain engineered mobile banking system bringing digital payments to the global stage. Knox World Pay is the pioneer platform invented to serve up mass adoption of the use of cashless payments. It is the solution to every problem that has retarded financial institutions, governments and merchants from using digital payments.

Knox world pay is advanced and runs on the Apollo blockchain. Apollo blockchain uses Apollo currency, the fastest 3rd generation blockchain available on the cryptocurrency market. Apollo currency carries transactions at speeds of about 2 seconds per transaction. It is also the most feature-rich cryptocurrencies to be made to date.  

Unlocking the Use of Digital Payments Globally.

Knox World Pay has managed to remove barriers that stopped the use of digital payments worldwide. Since about 4.7 billion of the world’s population have access to mobile phones, Knox World Pay being mobile-based, will connect all mobile phone users. The platform covers all types of mobile phones, smartphones or cheap mobile phones.

Knox World Pay has created a worldwide agent system network that will connect someone from a village in Brazil to someone in the urban area of Dubai in the UAE. These agents are local, so they bring accessibility to anyone who wants to make digital payments anywhere. They help make deposits, purchases and withdrawals, so consumers do not have to strain to do transactions themselves. 

Majority of the world’s population has no internet access, smartphones or computers. Therefore, it forces the use of cash in payments since it’s difficult to send or receive money from digital wallets. The majority of merchants selling goods worldwide don’t have a system that covers cashless purchases. Knox World Pay fixes this by tuning technologies used by mobile phones as text messages and top up codes to send and receive money digitally. Financial institutions that will employ Knox World Pay will now be able to do multi-national transactions even without internet connections or computers. 

Although Knox World Pay uses fiat-backed currencies, it is developing parameters that will include the use of common cryptocurrencies such as BTC. Imagine selling and buying BTC via text messages, interesting, right? Knox World Pay is the first-ever blockchain-based platform that will do that, making it unique to every other blockchain platform available in the cryptocurrency market. Knox World pay solves the problem of trading across borders. 


Knox World Pay will connect 7 billion people with one common aspect, using digital forms of payments. Cryptocurrency users can now comfortably trade their BTC or ETH worldwide with other people using fiat currency, with zero worries if it’s accepted or not, due to Knox World Pay. Traders in Africa can sell their goods to those in America because Knox World Pay facilitates access and is easy to use. Therefore, there is no barrier left to scare off international digital payments.

Through the Apollo blockchain, Knox World Pay makes payments using cryptocurrency fast, secure and sustainable. Regardless of where a trader and a consumer are, digital payments work because everyone now has access and can use world-class digital payment systems. Knox World Pay has truly unlocked mass adoption of digital payments.