CryptoMove, a cloud-native key vault and secrets management SaaS platform to provide moving target defense for microservices and multi-cloud, has announced the launch of their Google Chrome Browser Extension to help organizations protect any data, secrets or other information online.

The browser extension allows users to easily convert any confidential information—emails, passwords, even social media posts and messages—into a secret encrypted by their globally patented moving target defense (MTD) technology that continuously and dynamically splits up, fragments, spreads out, encrypts and mutates data across the cloud until needed.

CryptoMove is an early-stage company focused on secure data storage with MTD, a paradigm-shifting approach to data security. This dynamic technology turns the tables on attackers by ensuring that secrets are never stationary and predictable targets.

CryptoMove Key Vault

The CryptoMove Key Vault and MTD have been rapidly gaining momentum in 2019, and this new Chrome Browser Extension makes it even easier to take advantage of this innovative data protection solution

It integrates directly with the CryptoMove Key Vault, which allows users to add, delete, and share secrets through an intuitive user interface. The browser extension is free and available for download in the Google Chrome Web Store.

“We’re excited to launch the CryptoMove Chrome Browser Extension and put the power of moving target defense in the hands of individual users who are increasingly concerned about privacy and protecting sensitive information online. Too often, that information is stored and shared in places where it’s vulnerable, such as email, Facebook, Skype, Slack, or other web-based programs. We’ve built the CryptoMove Key Vault to offer a fast, intuitive, and secure way to protect and manage anything you want to keep confidential, and we’re thrilled to extend this military-grade protection through a Chrome Browser Extension.”

“”It has been amazing to see the enthusiasm for moving target defense in the defense sector, and it can be just as powerful for private enterprise and individual. Anyone using a web browser like Chrome for email and other communication is destined to have data they want to keep truly secure, and this browser extension makes that possible. There’s no better way to protect online information than with MTD.”
– CryptoMove CEO, Mike Burshteyn

Varied Use-Cases

MTD has been attracting attention for its wide range of use cases, including safeguarding mission-critical secrets for the U.S. military. In recent weeks, CryptoMove has been recognized by AFWERX, a United States Air Force (USAF) program designed to facilitate rapid adoption of innovative technologies that can advance USAF’s capabilities.

CryptoMove has also worked with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and its Silicon Valley Innovation Program. These applications of MTD highlight its potential impact for all types of users.