IOST, a blockchain network based on the consensus algorithm “Proof of Believability” (PoB), has announced a new partnership with JustCo to unveil the IOST Launchpad, a global initiative to give blockchain founders building on IOST a platform to launch, market and accelerate their growth.

JustCo Labs has also now joined the IOST ecosystem as a Node. JustCo is the only Asian-based coworking service provider that has a multi-city presence in the Asia Pacific region, catering to freelancers, entrepreneurs, start-ups, and small and large enterprises.

Alongside JustCo, IOST aims to grow its offline presence in all major Asian economies. JustCo’s physical working space locations will provide the IOST developer community with a full-service launchpad in all major Asian cities.

The IOST Launchpad will provide blockchain developers and talented founders with support including:

  • Technical support by IOST in smart contracts and applications development.
  • Marketing and PR support by IOST across social media and news syndication.
  • Networking and partnerships opportunities through IOST global node ecosystem of over 500 Partners spread across over 30 cities.
  • Free event spaces and event marketing, co-branded and co-marketed by IOST and JustCo.
  • Discounted co-working space rates in partnership with JustCo Labs across multiple cities in Asia.
  • Business development and growth opportunities with JustCo’s regional business networks of traditional and tech enterprises.
  • Investments, funding and various financial subsidies in partnership with Bluehill Foundation, the USD 50 million investment fund for the IOST ecosystem.
  • Funding, government grants, regional growth support in partnership with Hashed Venture Labs, an Accredited Mentor Partner with Enterprise Singapore, Singapore’s national growth agency.

If you are a blockchain project, founder or developer who wishes to be part of IOST Launchpad, you can reach out to Lawrence Lim, Head of International Development at [email protected]