Kraken, the bitcoin and crypto exchange company, today listed native token of ICON (ICX), a South Korea-based blockchain project. Markets available will be: ICX/USD, ICX/EUR, ICX/XBT, and ICX/ETH.

ICON aims to be an interoperable blockchain on which multiple industries and business types can coexist on a single network.


ICON’s enterprise blockchain implementation, loopchain, is one of the oldest and largest operating blockchain networks in the world. It is being used by some of the largest and most reputable companies in South Korea, including major universities, governments, hospital systems, banks, and financial services firms

The ICX token powers the ICON network and will be used as a vehicle for value transfer and transaction. ICX will also be used by DApps that are built on top of the main network, thus allowing network participants to utilize ICX for various services provided in the ecosystem