I was invited to this presentation by an ambassador of the WEWE Global project, an online meeting in Spanish, with English translation. There were 758 attendees at the presentation. It was a typical presentation made of explanations and slide presentations, with the addition of some personal stories.

Then, there was talk of WEWE Global, the ecosystem of services and products for cryptocurrencies. Basically, this project aims to become a Super-app. That is, a single app in which users can find dozens of services. WEWE Global’s goal is to have over 40 services.

At the moment, WEWE Global is accessible via the platform www.wewe.global

I immediately went to the platform and registered with the referral link of the person who invited me, while I continued to listen to the presenter. I registered, completed my profile and started looking around. I saw the memberships the meeting announcer talked about. They function as portals for the platform’s services.

What are these services?

First, you can attend a course on blockchain and cryptocurrencies, through the purchase of this membership, which you can buy with Bitcoin or the internal virtual token of the platform with the WEWE name. Second, you get vouchers that you can spend to get discounts on an external website that features travel services, such as hotel reservations. I liked that, more than the training, honestly. Third, you get access to other services, such as two useful programs to monitor bitcoin. Then we come to the product that seems to be the one that deserves the most attention: the payment service.

In this Super app, along with the aforementioned services and others coming soon, there will be a payment service that allows you to pay in cryptocurrencies in stores. I own some of bitcoin and altcoin, but I leave them in their wallets. I never thought of using them to pay for anything I want. And in fact, I wouldn’t even know how to do it (unless I took a ride on the deep web, an idea I prefer to put aside).

Let’s go back to the payment service. It is highly praised in the presentation, but its logic remains unclear. I know that there are already cards with which you can pay in stores, even physical ones, such as that of Wirex, and therefore I do not understand the difference. Then we talk about “shared fees” and even there, I admit that I got lost. After the presentation, I contact my reference person. I ask him about the application and the fees. He clears my mind.

WEWE Global’s application is designed to be a Super-app, including the payment service. This service allows you to pay with your crypto wallets in all businesses that have a POS with NFC technology (i.e. that without direct contact). By placing your smartphone on that which the WEWE Global app is installed, you can pay with the cryptocurrency you have selected. The shop will receive the sum in euros or dollars depending on what their country’s currency is. This opens the doors to more than 50 million stores for those who own cryptocurrencies and want to use them for shopping. There is also an online video in which they show a Bitcoin payment in euros on their channel https://youtu.be/N10XChcLjg4

The service obviously has a cost. The app can be downloaded for free, then depending on how you use it, there may be fees. For example, when you make a transaction, there is a related fee which is in WEWE Global. Having WEWE Global virtual tokens is therefore essential to operating within their system, because it allows you to make transactions. The awesome part is that this fee obviously goes to WEWE Global as it gives the service, but in part it is also given to users as a reward. This is about the redistribution of wealth. In fact, the idea of being able to participate in the growth of service, not only as a customer but as a co-contributor, is tempting.

So the more people use the WEWE Global services, the more fees are generated and therefore rewards are shared. He makes it clear to me that this can be a benefit, but it all depends on us.

If there are no users of the services, not only will the growth of the project not be possible (no customers, no service, after all), but we will also not receive rewards. He was very honest and specific about this. In referral projects, everything often seems easy, fast and guaranteed. Instead, here I finally saw the logic.

The fees for using the services are very small, but in large numbers they will allow a huge growth of the ecosystem. (At least I wouldn’t have to spend capital as a commission.) He told me that we will have the opportunity today to buy a “Key Activation License App”, that is, the identification codes of the applications. You buy these keys, that is, you buy an app, which corresponds to when a future customer appears. I’ll explain.

You pay for an app, so that another person can download it for free. You can choose the person or let the system do it. When the WEWE Global app is released on the market, hundreds of thousands will download it. Among these people, if someone downloads the app with your identification code, you remain tied to that app, and therefore to that person, forever. That’s important, because if that person makes transactions, payments and uses the services, you will receive a reward every time they do so.

To be honest, I got caught up in my imagination, and started thinking, “So, if I get a hundred Key Activation License App, I will earn a lot. That is, I will earn…” and then he stopped me. This isn’t about making money. It’s not like making an investment. Here you are participating in the creation of a concrete ecosystem, a very clear project idea. If we do our best, everything will be fine and we will be rewarded. But it’s not about being rewarded with a portion of these fees. Or, at least, that’s not the important thing. The centerpiece is that we will have dozens of services to use cryptocurrencies and it will all come true, thanks to us.

I mean, what do I think? I think that WEWE Global is a project that is going to surprise the entire world. It is only at the beginning of its path.

On the platform, you can make transactions and shop. You can get a “Key Activation License App” with a look to the future. In the near future, the app will be released sometime this summer, first to the most important members of the app community (I must say that WEWE Global has well imprinted the concept of rewarding!), so that they can try it to shop in their country. Then later, millions of people will download the Super-app. I can’t wait for it to happen… Yes, I have a lot of apps to distribute!